A Code of Conduct…

Yesterday  I went for some Diwali shopping with my mum…you don’t know what is Diwali…well what Christmas is for Christians, Diwali is for Hindus…but coming back to my shopping spree with mum…

She was busy in her all time fav crockery section in the mall and I was wandering like a ghost…as I am a student again so Stationery Section caught my attention…I was checking different kinda pens…suddenly three boys walked in…they must be around 14 or 15…and like a good girl I couldn’t help eavesdropping…but to my surprise that was one of the best conversation I heard in a long time…

“Oye what are you doing” said the first boy

“Nothing I am just checking out stuff” said the second one

“I can see that but why are you breaking the seal and packing of every other item” said the first boy again

“So what…does that make any difference?” said the second boy with attitude

And this time the first boy opposed and said “Yes…it does make a lot of difference…what if this shop belongs to your dad or to you? Would you be behaving like this breaking the seal of every item in your shop? Would you have tolerated this kind of behavior if someone would be doing the same thing what you are doing now? No right…you might have thrown them out of your shop…or might have given them a punch or so…why don’t you follow some code of conduct…some rules and regulations which you wouldn’t tolerate if same thing happens to you”

Shocked or Surprised…well I don’t know about you guys but I was…I was surprised because both were of same age…but one guys attitude was so wrong while other one’s…well I was actually at loss of words just by listening to his thoughts…

I can imagine what kind of person he would become in his life…and I actually gave him lots of blessings unconsciously of course…we always blame others for not keeping things intact or for not following rules and regulations…but do we follow any code of conduct…no we don’t…

littering-26605272 (1)        We throw garbage on roads…

we don’t hesitate a single second before spitting or peeing on the roads…A_Boy_Peeing_on_a_Fire_Hydrant_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_090820-151473-616009

we don’t behave well when we are invited as a guest at someone’s place…but when it comes to our house…we want everyone to abide by our rules…

P1lease remove your shoes, we don’t bring shoes inside the house”…what about you bitch? Do you obey the rule when you are invited as guest…NO U DON’t…

“Can you ask your son to throw the wrappers in the bins…Mark doesn’t like it dirty” what to do about the chips packet you threw in the movie theater last weekend…

Aren’t we strange…we follow the long list of rules and regulation when we are at home but as soon as we step outside the premises of our house…we throw the long list in the bin just outside our house…

I don’t play with my code of conduct…whether I am home or outside…What do you do when you are outside, you abide by rules which you strictly follow at home or you follow the rat race???

Love ❤ AARYA




12 thoughts on “A Code of Conduct…”

  1. Interesting post and well said. Sad we don’t practice what we preach. I always try to behave in a way so as to respect the environment and the law. Swach Bharat matters coz our external surrounding is our home:)

    1. Thanks Vishal…sorry for late response…But problem is not with our government it’s with our attitude…there are people working day and night to keep our city neat and clean…bit every morning when we wake up we make sure that we will throw garbage here and there in the roads…again thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts 🙂

      1. Agree! In the same way, people blame media and films for their wrong doings..prob is our attitudes and prejudices..we should stop looking for scape goats and shift blame.

      2. Exactly…but youngsters who are educated and independent like us have this kind of laid back attitude…and that pisses me more…why to play blame game…when will they develop self discipline

      3. Blame films is ma pet peeve and often I find it ridiculous. Movies is, after all, a business to make money. It’s easy peasy to blame films. What are you doing as a young person?
        So true.

  2. Oh yes, I remember Diwali. I was living in Jaipur and got to experience it first hand. The leader of the school my husband was doing got sweets to share with everyone.
    Right on for the young kid. It’s good to see that not all younger people have lost respect for others.

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