“A Salute”

I have too many emotions to write today. They all cant fit in few words. I owe this writing to all I know in my life, who made their own ways. This is a big salute from me to those , who chose not to surrender but to fight. To stand tall to tough times. To those who chose their reasons to be loud. This is all about who had rough lives, tough times. They were beaten by emotions, sentiments, timings, lack of opportunities. But nothing could stop them from moving.

They could have chosen the easiest way and could have been the part of existing slum. But they chose to make change in their lives and the lives of people around. I dont have such a story of mine to share though. I have many examples around me who lead such lives.

Few one of my souls, you know, my Husband, Aarya, my Mom, My mom in law, my father and few more friends are the living  examples. I know you could have many as I had. Though they all had different stories. They had one thing common. They wanted to make their lives better. Not on the ashes of others. But they simply didnt want to bow. How hard terrible time could be. They encountered and smashed them all.

Either its the poor or riches, love or hate, infidelity or faith, bunches of cliches or few opportunities. They sailed through all. With just a glimpse of hope. A hope of better life. A hope of not letting the terrible to happen to them they love. They didnt change the world. They changed themselves from  with in. They made the turn around. They made it with their consistent push ups. They made it by the effort to push their limits every time harder and harder.

My husband was from a family with limited resources. He was born and raised in one room house. He chose not to stay in the same. He studied hard and hard. Made to the country of opportunities with no resource. And turned one room apartment to four bedrooms town-home.  He had glitches. He had his own fears. He had his black zones. Though he chose the HOPE. The hope to make his world better and better and better.

Aarya………… the one you love all. She was vibrant lovely charming girl. She was always sick. Never showed it on her face. Fought with her ill health. Never made it an excuse. She stood for what she believe in. She chose the right over wrong. She chose the rough phase to do the right act. Never regret any decision she made in life. She made it loud. What I am today is what I chose to be. No hiccups in accepting that people are made by the decisions they make. Not by just circumstances.

I hope these two small stories, motivate you to love yourself for the right decisions you made in your lives. Motivates you, me and all to deject the bad, accept the good and love all …..

Have a nice, yummy and happy weekend………….



7 thoughts on ““A Salute””

    1. I am sorry for you Vishal that you are in rough phase. I am proud of you that you choose to beat the time. I am sure that you will make your way. All the very best 🙂

    1. Thanks Mayur. I am glad that you liked it. Me and Aarya are childhood buddies. We were the implicit supports of each other in all rough phases… Hope you have one too.. 🙂

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