A Good Conversation…Is Very Erotic…

For a tête-à-tête…what’s the ideal number of people…well I must say I am impressed with today’s prompt

When it comes to choosing number of people for a conversation…I always prefer Quality of People rather than Quantity…

For me if people have mental block…and are too conservative to accept the thoughts and opinions of others…well I am sorry but you may leave the room…

I always like to talk to people who makes sense…who are open minded…when it comes to discussing about bold topics like some social taboo…I give preference to people who are not judgmental…

I can’t stand who jump to conclusions very quickly…who start passing comment just because someone can talk about some social taboo boldly…I have seen if a girl talks about sex openly she is tagged as a slut…if you are that kinda person…you aren’t getting any invitation from my end…

It’s really difficult to find quality people in my country…usually people have some or the other mental block…they cannot discuss about something without passing judgments…as if they have done doctorate in that subject…

I like people who can keep rambling even if the topic becomes abstract…I like it when everyone is honest…and accepts the viewpoint of others…I know for some it’s a difficult task…but it’s an art and only few can master 😉 …and those who can are most welcome…

Besides…discussions means making progress…you don’t have to be right…you are talking, you are expressing…the motto of any healthy conversation is…learning something new…about subject and people…

Beware I am more interested in learning about people…after all human mind is the most fascinating subject than any other 🙂

Love ❤ AARYA



8 thoughts on “A Good Conversation…Is Very Erotic…”

  1. Actually girls here in Spain and also in the U.S it is quite normal to hear them talk about sex like nothing, quite natural. I would never think of a girl as a slut, I prefer the word´s “spreading the love”. Which is fine with me. I would love to have conversations that you learn something out of it, something intellectual, but that has long passed in my life. The only intellectual conversations I have is with myself and with people in the internet. The rest, well it´s just bullshit really.

    I never really gave it too much thought, I remember being in the U.S in an academic environment and being one person or 5 talking about something “intellectual” and I mostly listened and once in a while I would say something that would make peoples head turn and then re think what they where talking about. Or rethink their thoughts. The ones that got mad because they dissented because of their political views, moral views, or whatever, I just loved it. I took them on quite calmly and when you give good solid arguments with facts( so you better know what your talking about if not better shut up)you eventually leave the other person with no arguments at all. You leave them pissed off and calling you names. Which again was fun for me. So I really never gave it too much thought as to who I would want to too in the sense that if I had to, had to couldn´t escape a conversation with someone or a group of people I would just either sit it out and be in my own little world if it didn´t interest me or mostly instead of getting in the mix just wait it out listen and say a couple of things that the others hadn´t thought about. But what do I care who talks or doesn´t talk with me.

    Good post.

    1. Thanks Charly…am glad that you liked it 🙂
      Sorry for late reply was busy with exams…but I can’t deny the fact just like you I feel my virtual friends are more sensible and open minded when it comes to a great conversation…when I am talking with you feel…I can be my truself…you people are always listening and welcoming every thought with open mind…

      I so love the idea of leaving someone pissed off because off your bang on thoughts 😀
      Thanks once again 🙂

      1. And sorry back then for my late response, been quite hectic week with no internet.

        Anyways, hope the exams go good, which I´m sure they will. You´re smarter than me, and that is A LOT to say 😉

  2. I also prefer quality relationships and company over quantity. I don’t like big crowds nor parties. I really like just a few friends having a nice time, with some good conversation and laughs.

    1. Me too…I can’t stand people who don’t have cool temperament…I appreciate some quality over quantity…but it’s sad there are very few people with great qualities 🙂

  3. “If a girl talks about sex openly, she’s tagged as a slut.” Well, that’s also a problem here. People around me don’t call such girl slut but still, many girls can’t talk or ask information about sex easily and it makes them confused or uninformed. Duh.
    What country are you from by the way?

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