Beautiful Moments…

“Hey…I am sorry…but I couldn’t afford to give you something special this year…I wanted to but I couldn’t” he said kneeling in front of her…

She said wrapping her arms around him “Does it make a difference…you have given me everything best in life…and if one year you couldn’t that’s alright honey…I know we are going through a rough phase…even if you wouldn’t have done anything special for our anniversary…I wouldn’t have complained…I know we need every single penny…besides in life with time you forget that list of expensive gifts…but moments will remain till the end of time…”

“You will remember these moments even in the roughest phase of life” he said restlessly

“You know…sometimes I feel these moments help us survive in those difficult phases of life”

“Really…you won’t forget these moments even if I can’t create them for a long time…I love you…I need you” He gave her a long kiss…and whispered “Just give me some time baby I will bring everything back to normal”

“I know you will my love” She smiled and kissed him more passionately…and the night went in creating another beautiful moment…

Love ❤ AARYA


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