I am too sexy for…A MIRROR…

A life without mirror…aaaahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaahhhhh…

Are you out of your mind…I mean how you could think a life…NOOO a world without mirror…I mean is it going to happen for real???

Chocolate Eyes did come up with this weird Daily Prompt

Look even if you want to you can’t do that…the economy of the whole world will crumble…cosmetic companies will be on the verge of committing suicide…who will buy their products, if mirrors just vanishes from the world…all these celebs and models…the entire fashion industry will break down…have you thought about them…if you haven’t you should…

Well I so cannot imagine my life without mirrors…the reason of course is I like to know how do I look everyday…I like to dress up and put on some make up…well no not to show off or for my husband…but for myself…when I look great it kinda boost up my confidence…and gives me a Feel Good feeling…which I love so much 😀

I am not addicted to mirror…but I need to check myself…so that I can know when I am looking dull…it motivates me to get up and start afresh…it helps me to come out of depression…even if you will take away that mirror from me…it would be pain in the ass for few weeks but after that I will get used to it…I know I can see my reflection in the eyes of my beloved husband…and I also have steel plates and mobiles and camera to check how do I look 😛

So your plan isn’t full proof…a mirror reflects your physique but your heart reflects your inner beauty… besides if you think you look like a shit…a mirror can never change your perception…but if you will think you are too sexy to be in front of a mirror…well than you definitely don’t need a mirror…In my case the mirror needs me.

I am too sexy for a mirror…too sexy for my mirrors…so sexy that it hurts…Love ❤ AARYA



15 thoughts on “I am too sexy for…A MIRROR…”

  1. Hahahaha. I can not go without a mirror. It definitely does make a difference if you can see yourself and make yourself up in a way that is pleasing to you. It totally boosts confidence.

  2. Listen, with the name Aarya, that beautiful name you don´t need a mirror. Beautiful name beautiful soul and beauty overall. I will say this, I think the real reason that you want the mirror is so when your back is turned to your husband you can have eyes on the back of your head to see what he is doing…..

    In my case, they always tell me “have you looked at yourself in the mirror?” my answer “Yeah, I shaved so I was looking at my cheeks”, it seems I have a narrow view that´s all, I only focus on the cheeks or if I´m pulling hairs out of my nose( not to gross you off, although I probably did already) I just focus on the nose and hairs……just a narrow view that´s all. No biggy.

    But I know you, you want the mirror to check on your husband when you think he´s not aware that you are looking and he´s doing something extremely bad 😉

    1. Rofl Charly 😀
      You gave me a good idea to keep an eye on my husband 🙂

      And whats so gross about doing some manly stuff…you dont know women do very weird things when they are in front of mirror 😉

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