I know I am not at all good at maths…but I am not dumbo that I don’t know 18+3+2 = 23

I know you guys might be thinking that I have gone nuts…but I am just in little amused kinda mood…in India, by the time we complete our schooling, we are already 18 or about to be 18…and by the time we complete our Graduation, we are already 21 and 22 or may be more in case of engineering students…

And by the time we complete our PG, we are already 23…now this happens only when a person completes his education without taking a break…if at all he has taken a break…which usually science students take for the preparation of entrance exams…the person would be 23+…

I am excluding engineering and medical students…they complete their graduation in four and five years…so they are usually 22 or 23…by the time they are done with their grads…

Now in my class majority of the students have completed their PG…but they are still 21…my question to all of them is, have you started going to school since the day you were born…otherwise what’s the secret behind completing your education so soon 😉 …

In India, there are no strict rules regarding birth certificates…when we fill up our board exam forms in 10th grade…we can edit our name and everything else…and that is how majority of the people in my class are still 21, even after their PG 😀

JawDroppingDogI will share a very funny story of one of my family friends…that Auntie’s son took break of one year after school…so by the time he completed his engineering he was already 23…after that he worked for three years…so 23+3=26…now he has completed one year PG course…and he is 27 at present…last month we invited her for dinner…other guest were asking her to get him married…after sometime she said, “No no…he is only 23 right now, how could we force him to get married” I swear my jaw dropped to the floor…

The whole point of my this post is…why do people hide their true age…even though it’s quite normal in India…I am so sick of this age hiding mentality of Indians…why don’t they understand…their tons of makeup and too young clothing can never hide their age…your skin and body always reveal the true age…

I never hide my age…because I always believed age is just a number…you are as old as you think you are 🙂 besides I like my mature self-more than my younger version…I was so reckless and confused and lost…now I am focused and have a good grip over my mind and body…at times it becomes hard for me…but that’s normal isn’t it 😉

Oh I forgot to tell you…all these 21 year old classmates are women 😀

Have a great day…Love ❤ AARYA




16 thoughts on “AGE…is…JUST A NUMBER…”

  1. And do you have any possibility to have a good job and good living conditions if you don´t study either because you don´t have the money or you just don´t want to study those three things, it seems to me all Indians that study they are in 3 categories the IT sector, engineering, or medicine. Any other options left ou t there to prosper, by prosper I don´t mean to get rich but have a middle class income.

    1. Teaching is one such profession…or banking or doing your own business…people are still obssessed with engineers and docs in our country…but gen next is changing…we are hoping for a better future 🙂

      1. Yeah I’ve been away for 3 months, month and a half of tiring exams. They are over finally ! Now I’m back from hiatus, so excited to be back to blogging. Missed reading you, Hope to see you more often from now on Aarya ❤

  2. Hahahahaha. Yea, it’s like being eternally 23. I know a guy from Afghanistan that doesn’t know his actual birthday. He came to Brazil and did a school here that my hubby and I were working at. He ended up celebrating his birthday while there, yet it wasn’t really his birthday. Hahahahaha.
    I also enjoy my mature self sooooooo much more than my younger self.

    1. Just imagine the world where every women forget her age 😀

      Being young is amazing…but becoming mature with time and then having a blast is awesome 😀

      1. I love being a woman. But it’s so true that youth and beauty is so fleeting. Becoming mature has only proved to bring with it stability – emotional and mental.
        My most recent post talks about a woman’s beauty. And it doesn’t even go into the aspect of the physical.

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