Being Truthful is Being Human…?????

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything”

This is a beautiful quote given by Mark Twain. That is so true, if we will always speak truth, we actually never have to remember anything because we will always be honest not only to others but ourselves too.

 Being truthful is one of the highest virtues of being human. And being truthful also means being honest, which is the second highest virtues of being human. But nowadays both these virtues are missing from our society and nature too. We want to know the truth but we don’t want to be honest. And truth and honesty goes hand in hand.

Look around us, corruption has increased so much. And what is the main cause of corruption, lying. And this lying has given birth to so many evil activities around the world. People have become so selfish and greedy. 247 365 days, we are lying, sometimes to our boss or colleague, sometimes to our own family and sometimes to ourselves. Terrorism, human trafficking, poverty, corruption, bribery and the list is never ending. All these heinous crimes are directly or indirectly related to truth.

We have become so immune to lying that we don’t even hesitate for a single second, what if we get caught red handed.  Because of lying our social structure has lost its equilibrium. Families are falling apart. Truth and honesty is missing from relationships whether it’s among husband and wife or parents and kids or any other relationship. And this Lying is one of the biggest causes of bad conduct and misbehavior among youngsters nowadays.

Lying has such a bad impact on our society, that kids have become more violent and aggressive. They can’t digest the truth, which sometimes leads to suicide or worst towards a crime. Take example of Delhi Gang Rape, that juvenile will not be hanged because he was not 18 at the time of crime. But are we honest in giving that judgment, no we are not. His crime is so heinous that he should be hanged with the remaining culprits. But no one was truthful and honest while passing that judgment.

Imagine a society, where everyone speaks only truth. All this corruption and crimes would be the talk of the past. Imagine a world, where every individual would be truthful to himself. Our fast paced life will become easy and smooth. We will start respecting our families and loved ones. Kids will be able to understand and follow moral ethics and values. People will keep their promises, jobs and businesses will boom too. Problems of poverty and unemployment will vanish. This world will become a beautiful place to live.

But every coin has two sides; a too honest and truthful world will bring its own problems, like shown in the movie The Invention of Lying. In that movie, nobody wanted to marry Mark Bellison, because he was not good looking and he was a great loser. But the minute he starts lying, everybody starts loving him. Well there were many other problems also highlighted in the movie arising because of truthful and honest people.

Somewhere we need to have a proper balance between truth and white lies. Even if we want to we cannot eradicate the lies and bad conduct and crimes from the world. Because all these negativity taught us the importance of ‘Being truthful’. It is just like you can appreciate happy moments of your life only when you will go through rough phases of life.

 Today world has become an immoral place to live in, we need to wake up and bring a change in the society. This is a right time where everyone will appreciate the sight of truthfulness and honesty. We need to have a balance between truth and lies. Because sometimes to beat the negativity you have to act and think like evil. And here honesty can plays it role properly.

Even our holy books say, ‘To fight evil sometimes you have to become evil, it will hurt the moral values of few, but path of future generations will become smoother’. And you cannot bring a change in this world only by being truthful; sometimes you need to walk on the wrong side. Like these police officer’s does, many times they take help of criminals, to solve the most difficult crimes. Now they are not bad people or are they.

 I will end it with a quote of THERESE BENEDICT,

“ When you walk a life of honesty, you walk a life of truth”

Love ❤ AARYA

PS…I wrote it for some essay competition…thought of sharing it with you 😀




2 thoughts on “Being Truthful is Being Human…?????”

    1. HAHAHA…I try to make a perfect balance 😀

      Actually I am usually blunt…and don’t mind uttering truth…but professional life has taught me to be politically correct 😀 …
      Like nowadays I have to tolerate my Professor who is incompetent in every way…and I know on Saturday I am going to say it out loud that my mentor is so supportive and all 😀

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