Once a writer…Always a writer…

There are days when you don’t feel like writing…you open your lappy…you start writing then you press the delete button…again you start writing again you press the delete button…you keep doing that until a stage comes when you start staring the blank page in front of you…thinking about everything else apart from writing…still you haven’t switched off your system…in a hope that something will just pop up…

But sometimes your brain doesn’t behave the way you want it to behave…but t’s okay I guess…after all it needs a rest…because a writer’s mind has more work to do in comparison to a normal person…how come…

Well apart from thinking about our day to day life and future and family…we are always thinking about writing…whether we are driving, eating, talking to someone over a phone, shopping, or doing anything else…we writers can’t stop ourselves from thinking about writing even during important meetings…I mean our brain is always working…

So sometimes it goes in a sleeping mode…and no matter how hard you try to wake it up…it will not respond…until he is done with his sleeping…but once he is back to normal…he will not let you leave your PC…so why don’t we enjoy that sleeping time of brain in doing something more interesting…like having a quality time with family or anything else of your choice…and you never know you might get some good material to write about…

A writer is always thinking about writing wherever he goes whatever he does…isn’t it true 🙂

Love ❤ AARYA



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