“I am Prism”

I am pretty Prism

Cute, clean, with no Crevice

So Transparent

With no hidden thoughts

No transience

No manipulation

No swaggering around


Am I not like you human race

Honest, Soft, kind, supportive

You are in world, filled with people lives and energy

I am in world surrounded with illuminating light and energy

When people’s unmaligned thoughts,  emotions passes through you

Judgments, classification, category, good, bad, ugly, beauty

Are your dispersion

The rays of thoughts are fallen, refracted, bent then refracted in different brights and blues

When white pure transparent light passes through me

I split it in seven colors

You tilt me a bit, I will change the proportion of colors

As your human’s influenced mind, change the portion of favors for others


I, human is Prism






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