Finally the most awaited post for which many are waiting desperately…and I guess if there can ever be any word associated to me as a synonym or adjective it can only be FREE BIRD…and it has a simple meaning…a person who loves to live life on his terms…

Many people ask me…What is Free Bird?…What does it stand for?…Why did I name my blog Free Bird?…let me throw some light on it…

I remember when I was a kid, my Dad used to call me a bird…who keeps on flying like a bird from one room to another, who keeps on chirping like a bird, who is delicate and beautiful yet strong like a bird in her own way…

With time, that bird turned into a tender girl who wanted to fly high, who wanted to explore the world and horizons that were beyond her reach…but her parents wanted her to stay at home, so that they can keep an eye on her and make sure that their daughter remain pious and untouched till she gets married…but she had young blood flowing in her veins, which made her rebellious and the more her parents tried to put restrictions on her and her freedom…she responded more wildly…she has her own thoughts and views about everything in life though she is not pragmatic…she just loves to live life on her terms…

Until she met another bird, who loves to fly high and lives without any bounds yet always knowing his limits…he taught her how to fly high and how to explore the horizons beyond your reach…he taught her how to talk and walk, he gave her confidence to stand and fight alone in this world…he taught her how to enjoy freedom without compromising on your values…he took care of her and nourished her like her own kid(he still calls her kiddo)…he turned a beautiful girl into an elegant lady…he taught a bird how to be a FREE BIRD…

I always lived life on my terms…I was rebellious in my early years but he taught me how to remain on the right path while enjoying your freedom…I broke all the rules ever set by every Indian Parent and Indian Society…I am proud of it…but I needed a man who can handle me and my alienated behavior…I am Free Bird so only another Free Bird can handle me, that is how I chose Vicky as my better half…

Free Bird name was always attached to me…if anybody would ask me What is Free Bird???…It’s AARYA

And that is how I decided that I would like to name my blog Free Bird, who loves to live life on her terms…of course before finalizing it I discussed it with my hubby and my best friend VEDA…and as soon as they gave thumbs up…I rolled it in…

Veda is another alien just like me from same planet called earth…I do have few more aliens in my life who are important to me and who let me feel normal in days when everyone else around me thinks that I have gone bonkers…

So, here to all those people…sorry…FREE BIRDS…who live life on their terms…

With Loads of Love ❤ AARYA…


9 thoughts on “I am a FREE BIRD…”

  1. Sounds like you have a strong temperament and are determined. Sounds like my daughter.
    Nice to get to know a little more about the ‘freebird’ of this blog. 🙂

    1. I appreciate that you took so much interest in reading the post and also reding between the lines…have a great time with your Free Bird 😀

  2. Aaarya;
    Good morning;
    Thank you for letting ne know the meaning of freebird. You are wonderful
    Have a great day and alway be a freebird.
    Love ya,
    Jimmy Wayne

  3. Aaarya;
    Good morning;
    Thank you for letting ne know the meaning of freebird. You are wonderful
    Have a great day and alway be a freebird.
    Love ya,
    Jimmy Wayne

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