“Every Day’s Fight”

Fight Fight and Fight 

Until last sight

Atheist, Antagonist or Agonist

Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Buddhist

Tried to prove their theory right and bright

What I see

Do you see

Ninety Nine point nine percent

Theories behind them all are alike

One like to drink first

Others like to keep drink after having food aside

All drank All ate

Some at first and Some at last

Everyone’s hunger and thirst were treated right

Then why a man cuts the other man

Then why a man weeps on the others pride

Then why a man never ever feels everything blessed and right

Then why the man wants to linger point 0ne percent

Keeping others 99.9 beneath the heap of stinking creepy whine

Why not break this mount

To hunt my 99.9 paramount



7 thoughts on ““Every Day’s Fight””

  1. You echoed a view that afflicts mankind, fighting each other in the name of religion. Why do we? Btw, have u seen All India Backchod for IDay when Indians and Pakistanis speak to each other on phone..so heart warming..what it takes is a lil understanding and effort….

    1. True Vishal…… Its all in our mind, either its religion, cast, color, creed or nationality……. What to say? I guess we all have to make effort to get above all and cheers and praise humanity and love 🙂

    1. I know Staci.. It affects me too. Because all religions suggest the path of non-violence. But some followers want to follow it through violence.I see all religions as different school of thoughts on Humanity and love. They all have one common goal to take the human race on the path of spirituality, seeing god in everyone and everywhere…… Which will bring love and happiness to all and everywhere 🙂

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