“Being Tagless”

I was awesome

When tag less

I was in womb

Innocent, impeccable and priceless

Moment the world sensed my presence

I was all ruined, shoved and molested

Love, expectations, excitement, anxiety and relations

touched me far before the world could

With my very first interaction

World gave me the first tag

My Name

then the second

My color


My Religion


My Cast &  My Creed


Who I am going to be


measured me poor and rich

Nurse stamped all and wrapped me them all around

I was given a number and placed with others bearing tags throughout and  round




2 thoughts on ““Being Tagless””

  1. Glad they gave you a number and you where tagged, since at the end of the day you became someone by the name of Veda, with a lot to say, smart things to say, and that tag made me find you at the end and be able to read all those things you have to say. Which if you ask me, it´s pretty cool.

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