RAKHI…Have you tied the knot…???

RAKSHA BANDHAN…is one of the most pious and sacred Hindu festival…well there are many but nothing can overpower the beauty of RAKSHA BANDHAN…It falls on the full moon of SHRAVAN month of Hindu Calender…which usually falls anywhere between the month of July till August…

The word Raksha and Bandhan, itself convey the meaning and motive of festival…It means to tie a knot of protection…the festival is celebrated to honor the love of brother and sister…Sister ties a Rakhi (pious thread) to her brother…which in turn takes a vow of protecting her sister under all circumstances…it doesn’t make a difference whether sister is younger or elder…

Now sisters are supposed to fast until they tie the Rakhi…after that she prays for the wellbeing of her brother and offers him sweets…and brother is supposed to give some Shagun (gift)…now it can be monetary or some gift…but most of us girls love to have some crisp notes…specially I fight with my brother for money…but to irritate me he keeps money with himself and gives me a one rupee coin 😀

Obviously he is younger…so I don’t expect too much from him…I am just waiting for him to get a job…then I will rob him well 😀  …but coming back to this ritual…I have never tied Rakhi to anyone else apart from my brother…I remember when I was in school all my classmates used to tie Rakhi to all the boys in the class…but I never did that…because I believe that if you are committing yourself to this relationship…then fulfill your duties and responsibilities till the end of the time…and if you can’t then don’t disrespect the pious relation of brother and sister…

Rakhi isn’t a normal thread…with every knot you take a vow that you will always be there for her in thick and thin…but most of the people tie knots for the sake of the festival…in time they forget about each other…that is not what RAKSHA BANDHAN is meant for…once a sister always a sister…but people don’t understand this…in over the years they have exploited and ruined the holiness of this beautiful festival…

I hope people can understand the value and importance of RAKSHA BANDHAN…I hope they can understand the divine relationship of brother and sister…well RAKSHA BANDHAN is tomorrow…and this is going to be for the first time in 27 years…that I will not tie my naughty brother a Rakhi as he is at the other end of India…but my wishes are with him…I don’t know whether he will miss me or not…but am surely gonna miss him…more because I will not get my share of money and gifts  😀

I wish all of you and your siblings a rocking and awesome RAKSHA BANDHAN…may god bless you and your bros and sis…may your relation always stay healthy and wise…love you all…


A legendary song…about brother and sister…





5 thoughts on “RAKHI…Have you tied the knot…???”

  1. Such a sweet article on Raksha Bandhan. I’m sure even if you and your brother are sometimes at war, the love is even stronger…happy Raksha Bandhan and may your brother fill your piggy bank with tonnes of Re. 1 coins and bundles of crisp notes 🙂


    1. Thank you Vijay…I hope he fills my piggy bank…if he will not
      I can black mail him 😀

      I guess that is the beauty of this relation…we will fight like cats and dogs…but deep down we can go any extent for each other 🙂

      1. Hahaha..you’ll have to twist his arm!

        That’s so true…me and my sisters have had our ups and downs but we’re still always there for each other, encouraging, helping, and remembering what makes family so special.

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