All grew up with words

In this Madly World

Words which define My Thoughts

Which I trusted the most 

Betrayed me at utmost

Who is at fault?

The Words or the Changing world that surrounds


At times I loved to be “lonesome”

I the one who chose it to be

What when this unfrequented lonesome comes to me

All agony, wordless pain

Wraps me tight

Suffocates me high above all


The word remains the same, unchanged

I fastened it before

When the wind changed

It cling and chained me all


We love the one which we chose

Which tap on the trumpet I blow

Not the one which ask me to do so

This is the battle which will keep on flow






11 thoughts on ““Words””

  1. Words are very powerful. Especially in the life of a child. The old saying says, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” This is sooooooo totally wrong. Words go deeper.
    Thanks for the poem Veda.

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