Men…Why do they cheat their better half…???

One my fellow blogger Mayur forced me to write about Extra Marital Affair from men’s point of view…and I am glad that he showed me the other side of the coin…

Men and Extra Marital affairs are chuddy buddy…you talk about men…extra marital affairs would be in top five…just like we women…men also have reasons to cheat on their better half…

I don’t know about other part of the world but I will talk from my country’s point of view…In India, women are supposed to take care of home and family…she is the home minister, so all external and internal affairs related to home and family are her duty and responsibility…

Now there are cases where women have careless attitude towards their responsibilities…and husbands try to talk to them and explain them…but I guess these women have thick skin like hippopotamus…they never listened to their husbands…they neither take care of his family nor hers…she just have lazie fair leader kinda attitude…and in long run if husband cheats on her…wify starts fighting and creating scene…wify forget that her own behavior forced her hubby to walk out of her life…

Now this is very common…and I am sure many of my Indian readers would agree with this…but but but…I need to butt in lil more…there have also been cases where wife is super sexy like Natalie Portman…majority of hubby’s friends fantasize his wife…she is also perfect daughter in law, wife, mother and home maker…they have this perfect kids…perfect house…perfect job and status in the society…still one fine day wify finds out that her husband is enjoying another woman’s sushi πŸ˜€

Now if you compare both the situations…quite a good number falls in the latter one…because in India…women still understand their responsibilities…though exceptions are always there…the NexGen wives are actually not taking things so seriously…but that is a different topic altogether…

I know one thing…every problem has a solution…and every problem has a reason…instead of cutting all the communication and choosing a wrong path…try to fix things first…still if things aren’t falling into places…well you can have your separate ways…

This topic is way too vast…so its impossible to cover all the sections…for the time being enjoy this…I will take a leave…need to complete tons of home work 😦

Love ❀  AARYA

PS…am attaching the link to my previous post Women…Why do they cheat their better half…


5 thoughts on “Men…Why do they cheat their better half…???”

  1. Interesting take. Why do people cheat? There is always a reason and rather than looking at the moral perspective, one should delve deeper, looking at aspects of communication, healthy sex life which is important in a relationship and caring.
    I mean its such a deep subject that should be explored from all angles. The hypocrite, patriarchal system doesn’t let people grow in relationships.

    1. I guess sex is one of the major reason to cheat on your partner…but there are many small small things which can destroy your relation in long term…we need to understand…but like you said this hypocrite society…na khud jeeti hai na dusro ko jeene dete hai πŸ™‚

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