Priceless Moments…

It feels amazing to meet a long lost friend…and when you meet…you just can’t stop talking…you keep on talking and talking and finally you have to leave…not because it’s too late…but it’s closing time for the cafe…the waiter comes and ask you to leave…

You gave him a look and laugh…then instead of saying goodbye…you stand on the road or in parking area…and enjoy the company of your best friend…until it’s too late and you have to leave…but you do fix your next meeting very soon 😀

Nothing in the world can beat those free talks with your best buddy who you knew will never judge you and will always understands you…will laugh with you…will cry with you…will always be there for you till the end of time…in thick and thin…

Love ❤ AARYA


This Number Does Not Exist

‘Hey what happened…is something wrong’


‘Then why are you avoiding me’

‘Who says I am avoiding you’

‘Yes you are…its being so long you aren’t responding to me properly…you are avoiding my calls and messages’

‘I am busy…I have a life’

‘Really…few weeks ago you weren’t able to manage the single day without listening to my voice and now you are too busy’

‘What do you want’

‘What do I want…what do you want Mr…it was you who first approached me…it was you who wanted to talk to me desperately…and you are behaving so rudely…what have I done’

‘You haven’t done anything…it’s just me’

‘What do you mean it’s just you…talk to me Kay’

‘Can you meet me’

‘No Kay…didn’t I tell you I can’t…I am married…we both are married Kay we both have family to look after’


‘That’s it…now you are going to punish me for this…just because I said no…when you started talking to me Kay…didn’t I tell you that never ask me to reveal my identity….you agreed at that time…then what has changed you so much…why you want to see me so desperately…why Kay why’

‘I love you damn it…why don’t you understand…when I am with Kesha…I think about only you’


‘I know you must be thinking that I have gone mad…but I love you Anna…there isn’t a single moment in whole day when I don’t think about you…I don’t think so I can live without you Anna…I love you…hello Anna…Anna are you there….hello’

The line went dead and he kept calling her name ‘Anna…please don’t do this to me…I love you…please pick up the phone…I am so sorry baby’…he dialed the number with his trembling fingers…the IVR on the other end replied ‘This number does not exist’ 

 Love ❤ AARYA


Ask Ask and Ask

Till your sights last

Till your thinking lasts

Ask Ask and Ask

Till you dont achieve the silence in Mind

Till your thought dont stops

Ask Ask and Ask

Till no second question knocks your mind

Till no anxiety rests in heart

Ask Ask and Ask

Till your eyes twinkle bright

Till you take deep sigh long breath

Ask Ask and Ask

Till silence whispers in your Ears

Till the tranquility flows in and out, around the mind

Ask Ask and Ask

Till you find the pace

Which never let you drag away from the race

Ask Ask and Ask

Till you dont get the Answer

You looked for so terrible


Sometimes we need to ask

Not to others

But to Selves

To Answer all the toughest, hardest and biggest troubles

Since their Answers dont last

In big Graphs, or Huge Data

But in a smallest cupid somewhere within




CUSTOMER…Step Into Their Shoes

SALE SALE SALE…It’s shopping season 😀 …whoppieee

Well I am not a shopaholic…I just love shopping…window, eye, online and all other kinds that are written in the big books of fashion…

Last weekend I went to Shoppers Stop to redeem a 1000 rupees voucher…I got it twenty days ago while I went for my lil bros shopping…voucher was actually expired two months ago but the sales person informed me that I can still use it he will just right the Bill Number…only I have to redeem this coupon within a month…I knew that I still have time and as sale is already in my city…I went ahead to claim my coupon 😀

I selected few items and went to the billing counter…now that guy on the billing counter wasted not only my half an hour but others too who were waiting in the queue…first of all he was not ready to punch the Bill Number to check the availability of the coupon and to make it more worst he kept arguing with me…until his manager showed up…he ask me to sit in his office till he fixed the problem…

Thanks to that smart manager…he fixed my issue in ten minutes…we went outside and he asked the same guy to go ahead with the bill…now that jerk instead of generating my bill he kept on generating the bills of others who were in the queue…I shouted on him…that I am standing out here since half an hour and instead of attending me you are entertaining others…but that smart mouthed asshole replied that they are in waiting…I was zapped at his attitude…his manager scolded him and generated my bill…

Before leaving I told him…Do you even know the meaning of customer service…Do you even know how to treat your customers…I have always believed in CUSTOMER SERVICE…in fact ‘Customer is always right’ is the slogan of many industries who deals with customers on day to day basis…

In India people still don’t understand the concept and importance of customer service…it is limited to cream class only…you have to fight with everyone from ISP (internet service provider) to DTH service providers…you have to fight rigorously for every single penny…whereas this is not the situation in various foreign lands…even Malaysia has better customer service than ours…

But yesterday I went to the old city for shopping…well if you want to have the real authenticate clothes of India…you need to visit the old area of any city…the view out there is way too different from big malls and showrooms…there is no AC and there is some odd smell in the air too…it’s suffocating because thousands of people visit those long and congested lanes for shopping…it took me 20 minutes to reach my destination because of narrow lanes and others shoppers like me…

I went inside…the shop was the size of an average Indian Bathroom…still I squeezed in and sat on the floor…the old chacha jaan showed variety of Sarees…in ten minutes 100 sarees were lying in front of me…I asked him not open every saree…he will have difficulty in winding up…he said ‘koi baat nahi beta dekho dekhne ke paise nahi lagte’ (even if you don’t want to buy…look at it…it’s not chargeable) …he also told me that I can change these sarees within a month and even if anyone don’t like any saree at home…I can return it and he will refund the whole amount…I was zapped at this level of customer service and hospitality…

On my way back to the home…I realized that there must be thousands of shops in those congested lanes of the city…and all these shops knows how to treat their customers…they have never been to schools…they have never given any kind of training still they have mastered that art…whereas these big malls and showrooms hire people from top notch colleges of India…some of them even worked with many Fortunes 500 companies…still majority of them don’t know how to treat customers…

I guess instead of wasting lakhs of rupees on giving them training…on how to treat customers…they should actually bring these people to the real markets of India…and ask them to observe and learn…what is the one thing that makes them still outstanding…what is the one thing that brings the customers again and again to their doorsteps…

The power of language and words…the courtesy and politeness in their tone…the promptness…the attentiveness…I wish I could see it in the cream de la crème lanes of my city too…

That’s AARYA signing off for today…have a great day…see you on Saturday 🙂  

Love ❤ ya