“Freedom -II “


A long struggle to free

As I changed with ages

So does mean of Freedom to me

When I was little and young

Playing long uninterrupted was Freedom

Eating Chocolates without objection was freedom

When I was teen

Getting answered without a question was freedom

Watching TV, late night shows and gossips was freedom

When touched the youth

Choosing my love of life without an interrogation was freedom

Hoping, shopping and spending without a note was freedom

When Turned to Mid twenties

Setting home on my terms was freedom

Roaming here and there without a responsibility was  freedom

Being listened and followed without a second thought was freedom

When I touched late twenties

I am in search of freedom

I look to understand what does mean freedom


Hoping, holding folded hands tight

to see what it looks like to own freedom?????????????






2 thoughts on ““Freedom -II “”

  1. hey, another beautiful poem on freedom. What’s freedom? Is it the freedom to choose a partner or hopping at ease from one place to another or pursuing our passion. It’s relative as a concept and similar to asking whether we found God. Freedom is a journey, perhaps!

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