“Freedom -I”

I am strangled everyday 

Somewhere midst the thoughts

Sometimes in webs of brain

Sometimes in glams and glitters of fancy world

Sometimes in glib talks

Sometimes wander in deserts 

In search of oasis 

And dazed in glimpse of mirage


I struggle every single day

I tumbled down by others win & my lose

I stumbled by the competitive crowd

I am thrown in Colosseum in front of Tangy crowd

I fight every single moment and day to get freed


Yes I fight 

Yes I conquest

Yes I conquer

Yes I confront 

A very common thought every time and all time



To free myself of all thoughts

I win to free of myself of being looser

I work to gain to free of desire owning the stuff I wanted so long

I pray to free myself of the mishaps I can confront the next


I worked, work, will work

Regularly, Continuously, Undisturbed

to free myself of ALL desires

To Free Myself From All….








8 thoughts on ““Freedom -I””

  1. Veda! A struggle it is to be free,
    Clipped wings soars in anticipation chase dreams and embrace the sky.
    A free bird chases hope in the face of fear.
    Conquer fear and be free:)
    Free Birds

  2. I find that when I relinquish control to my creator, I find true freedom. People think that freedom is found in being in control. My experience has taught me differently.

    1. Hey Staci do you read books on spirituality. Have you ever read Bhagwad Gita. In Hindusim it is said that one should renounce all his actions to god to attain freedom as you said. Can you suggest me some book on spirituality, which you found must read……… 🙂

      1. Hi Veda, I’m glad you asked about this. I love to talk about spirituality and my faith. I haven’t actually read the Bhadwad Gita, but I do know that it’s considered the Hindu scriptures. Am I correct? Are you a follower of Hinduism?
        As for spiritual books, I read the Bible almost daily, which is in fact a collection of 66 different books. I do so because it’s my spiritual food. It’s like a lamp for my feet. A light for my path, so to speak. I believe that God is a personal God that created me and wants to speak with me and have relationship with me. So when I read, He speaks to me as an individual he created and greatly loves. If you were to go ahead a read from the Bible, I would have a few suggestions for you. The Bible is sectioned in two parts, The Old Testament (before Jesus was born) and The New Testament (after Jesus was born). If I were you, I would start at the New Testament. The first four books are considered ‘The Gospels’. They are four different accounts of the life of Jesus when he walked the earth. The account/book I would suggest is ‘John’. After that one, I would suggest reading ‘Romans’.
        I must point out that I read the Bible, not just because it’s a spiritual book, but also because of its historical viability. I don’t read it because of religion, but because I had a real experience with my creator and the Bible itself is a book of spirituality and history. You can even read it online. Here’s a link if you’re interestes: https://www.biblegateway.com/

      2. Thanks Staci, I am glad that you shared your true thoughts. I love to have discussions on spirituality. This is the place where I find true bliss. I am born Hindu. But I believe in all religions and have deep respect. I see all them as a knights to protect the Earth from Crusade by binding we all individuals with developing an understanding of righteous acts. I am grateful to you for suggesting me these threads. Like you I also need Spiritual power food daily. I do read books on Bhagwad Gita and Books written by Swami Vivekananda…. I am so glad to get someone like you to continue discussions on Spirituality. I will make sure that I read ‘John’……. Take care and Happy weekend 🙂

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