Priceless Moments…

It feels amazing to meet a long lost friend…and when you meet…you just can’t stop talking…you keep on talking and talking and finally you have to leave…not because it’s too late…but it’s closing time for the cafe…the waiter comes and ask you to leave…

You gave him a look and laugh…then instead of saying goodbye…you stand on the road or in parking area…and enjoy the company of your best friend…until it’s too late and you have to leave…but you do fix your next meeting very soon 😀

Nothing in the world can beat those free talks with your best buddy who you knew will never judge you and will always understands you…will laugh with you…will cry with you…will always be there for you till the end of time…in thick and thin…

Love ❤ AARYA


3 thoughts on “Priceless Moments…”

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