This Number Does Not Exist

‘Hey what happened…is something wrong’


‘Then why are you avoiding me’

‘Who says I am avoiding you’

‘Yes you are…its being so long you aren’t responding to me properly…you are avoiding my calls and messages’

‘I am busy…I have a life’

‘Really…few weeks ago you weren’t able to manage the single day without listening to my voice and now you are too busy’

‘What do you want’

‘What do I want…what do you want Mr…it was you who first approached me…it was you who wanted to talk to me desperately…and you are behaving so rudely…what have I done’

‘You haven’t done anything…it’s just me’

‘What do you mean it’s just you…talk to me Kay’

‘Can you meet me’

‘No Kay…didn’t I tell you I can’t…I am married…we both are married Kay we both have family to look after’


‘That’s it…now you are going to punish me for this…just because I said no…when you started talking to me Kay…didn’t I tell you that never ask me to reveal my identity….you agreed at that time…then what has changed you so much…why you want to see me so desperately…why Kay why’

‘I love you damn it…why don’t you understand…when I am with Kesha…I think about only you’


‘I know you must be thinking that I have gone mad…but I love you Anna…there isn’t a single moment in whole day when I don’t think about you…I don’t think so I can live without you Anna…I love you…hello Anna…Anna are you there….hello’

The line went dead and he kept calling her name ‘Anna…please don’t do this to me…I love you…please pick up the phone…I am so sorry baby’…he dialed the number with his trembling fingers…the IVR on the other end replied ‘This number does not exist’ 

 Love ❤ AARYA



Ask Ask and Ask

Till your sights last

Till your thinking lasts

Ask Ask and Ask

Till you dont achieve the silence in Mind

Till your thought dont stops

Ask Ask and Ask

Till no second question knocks your mind

Till no anxiety rests in heart

Ask Ask and Ask

Till your eyes twinkle bright

Till you take deep sigh long breath

Ask Ask and Ask

Till silence whispers in your Ears

Till the tranquility flows in and out, around the mind

Ask Ask and Ask

Till you find the pace

Which never let you drag away from the race

Ask Ask and Ask

Till you dont get the Answer

You looked for so terrible


Sometimes we need to ask

Not to others

But to Selves

To Answer all the toughest, hardest and biggest troubles

Since their Answers dont last

In big Graphs, or Huge Data

But in a smallest cupid somewhere within