So Stress

Who is this so called Mistress ?

She is hated by all

Though stay very close to all

Rests in Heart

Dupe the strings of Brain

Like I m the puppet

She is the Master of me all

Each beat of my heart pulsates

On the rhythm of this Wicked Stress

Why I am so adulterated and Mutilated

Why I am so clutched hard in its unseen grip

No one can see it

No one can breath it

No will ever see it

Still its rest in conscience for centuries in all

It is the creation of crippled mind

None other than meticulously created canny imagination

In this scavenger Hunting game

Hosted by beautiful Mind




6 thoughts on ““Stress””

    1. Thats true……. It hurts me when younger kids come and talk about stress. I am like, you havent seen anything yet and you say you are stressed. why we cant see the hidden opportunity in the hard shell of stress…….. to keep us motivating and stay focused… 🙂

    1. Vishal everyone knows about mistress…… at some point its lucrative and luxurious for all to have one…. while with desire of having one everyone is sure about the botheration she brings…….. still think……… thats what happen…….. when we think too much about something it gives stress….. while doing that we know that its not helping us……… its just thought,,,,,,, still we are so much troubled…….. so its a losing game……. just to hold yourself and say this mistress is my creation and can wipe it NOW 🙂

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