My Small Gesture…

This year on my wedding anniversary…Vicky again ordered a five kg cake…and we were only six people…we kept thinking about what shall we do about cake…because we six can definitely never finish the five kg cake even in wildest dreams…maybe I can but the cake has to be chocolate…it was white truffle 🙂 …I like it but not this much that I will lick the board too…chocolate is chocolate…nothing can beat its flavor in the world 😀

But coming back to the story…we came home and cut the cake into small pieces…and kept it in fridge…still discussing what to do the remaining cake…hours of brain storming later also when we didn’t find the solution we called for the day…and went to our respective rooms…

Around 3 in the morning I woke up with a jerk and the idea struck me…next day…I woke up early and went to my neighbors…I asked them for the address of nearest orphanage…they visit them to donate clothes of their kids…as soon as I got the address…I asked Vicky to drop me at that orphanage… and like a good husband he obeyed…

On the way to the orphanage…I stopped at the grocery store and filled to big carton boxes with chocolates, chips and cookies…as soon as I reached their…I noticed that there were kids playing badminton…some were playing football…they gave me a curious look but I smiled…and to my surprise they smiled too…I went inside and told the manager that I want to give cake and some snacks for kids…he gave us permission but asked us to inform them one day before from the next time onwards…

He sent one of the elder kid to fetch the boxes…and he was so happy and excited…I swear I haven’t seen anyone so happy in a long long time…by the time we were done with putting all the boxes inside the building…many kids were gathered outside and everyone was happy and some were almost dancing with pleasure…I realized that they hardly get the chance to taste this kind of food…and cake was the cherry on the top for them…

I waved them and they waved back too…I wanted to talk to them and play with them…but we weren’t allowed to…I realized that many of them were deaf and mute…their sight sent a shiver down my spine…I thanked God for giving me better life in every way possible…

And on my way back to the orphanage I decided that from now onwards whenever I will get a chance to give something to these kids I will…I will do whatever my pocket will allow me to do…maybe a Pizza Party or something like that…I don’t know…but that small gesture made my anniversary more special…

I don’t know whether you can call it a kindness or not but it made my day because my this small gesture made their whole week…and I didn’t gave them cheap chocolates…I gave them what I like to eat…long ago my mom told me “Whenever you want to give food to someone…always give what you will eat…not what is cheap for your pocket”  

I wrote this for Weekly Writing Challenge...Love ❤  AARYA


10 thoughts on “My Small Gesture…”

  1. Beautiful act of kindness. I loved this story thank you for reminding me how much these seemingly little things can make a huge impact.

      1. Yes, in all honesty I sometimes think they make a bigger difference 🙂 than grand gestures.

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