“My love for Machines”

My love

I love u so much

My inseparable and adorable SMART PHONE

My life is all alone

Without you my life incomplete

Without you I cant breath

You shall be sleeping next to me

you are the first I want to look very morning

you call me the early morning

You are the first I touch most

O my love,

If your battery goes down, my temper goes all up

If  your service connection drops, my heart beat throbs up

I am in so much deep love


My love is same for you myLAPPY

I make you sit on my lap

I stare you all day, once I wake up

I had food or not, I check your charge stays full all the way

I am in so deep attached to you

I cant look to anyone other than you

I need no one, no being, no friend, no one other than you

I am full untill I have internet and you


With my age, with time, my love for you

Electronic Gadgets have swollen and grown so far

My eyes are locked on you

you get sleek, sophisticated and smarter day by day

You steals my wish every day

You have unconditional love for me

Never respond back how harsh I was on you

Your love for me made fallen me for you

O my love……………so lovely are you…..




3 thoughts on ““My love for Machines””

    1. Thanks Ranveer…well I am glad that u are not so fond of phone…. but I appreciate that you accept your selfless love for your Ipad. I read your post its great……….. keep writing…… Good to know that you like Aarya’s post. She is pretty good writer. Well I am Veda…. glad to meet you 🙂

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