“All are equal”

I dont know how Aarya make it. I am short of words and emotions to express inner self. My head is blank. I talked to so many. I talked for hours. Still I dont have a single incidence to share. I saw different things. I saw thing differently. Still I dont have anything to write on. Since years, I saw many, still I dont have single moment to share.

When I look to others, listen to others. I relate and see all I have gone through. I saw all are going through same troubles early or late. I find all with same anxiety. I find all failing and winning at points in their lives. When we all live same life. When rich and poor all have to touch the sand and sky. When all have to dive to bottom. When all have to fly high. Then whats the different in everyones live.

More I observe, more confuse I get. I dont understand what matters most, the matter which I used or the emotions which I felt. If emotions are the one matters. Then all felt the same intensity and frequency in their lives. So how one is rich other is poor. So how one is lucky other is unlucky. If matters matter most. So rich and middle all can access it. If all can access it, all can have for same time. Then where is poor and rich.

When all eat food. When all breath air. When all drink water, when all wear clothes. When all have desires. When all go trough up and down. Then how one is rich and poor. When all look best once in life, when all look lost at a point. When all loose luster at some point of time, then all are beautiful. So how beauty can be defined

All dos and donts. All rules of this world with the world looks horizon to me. Never ever meeting ends. My questions are never ending too. But they have some great to carry



Would appreciate your opinions and views...I am here to listen...

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