Beauty + Simplicity is the recipe of  Uniqueness. They are never miss ingredients.  If miss it, rest all will taste overwhelming. Which is a big  apparent no for me. I may sound blunt at times. Although, I cant adjust on some nodes. I am two rock head at some points.

I have seen in my cases, never amazed by big  stuffs. All they look hallucination to me. Simple and short moments have cherished my life. A smile on ones face because of me is most rewarding to me than Lauren Ralph Bags. A long drive with my hubby and a home made chocolate moose ice cream is more worth to me than candle light dinner. Thats why I never understood the concept of big fat Indian Weddings. Bride side, Groom Side spends splendidly , just to show off. Tragic part is none side gets happy. Nor the invitees. So who enjoyed in last. You will have a long list of complaints, with a small research. What was the point of making huge arrangement to complain. We could have done it without spending huge money. Guys I must tell you, the same money which is spent in small wedding too if donated to an orphanage can take care of a kid from A to Z stuff till his under-graduation.  So whats the point of  spilling money when it can makes someone life. But all that was done in lieu of  life moment. Once you did charity and bring smile on ones face for rest of his life is more life moment than gathering a complaint box for rest of life.

I go to a school, spend times with kids. Dont help them much. Just listen them, what they got to say. Just go sit next to them and play and listen. They without any hitch act buddy. They are least bothered about my grade, qualification, my job. They are just bothered whether I understand them or not. They act so pure. I love their simplicity. All instructions given to them are the never cross rules for them. They never do it. They stop others from doing it. They got the audacity to accept their mistakes. I found the man with age gets corrupt. All of them are raw and pure. It appears to me that the glitter and perfection makes one away from THE Perfection.

Life gives so simple rule to abide. But we like the complicated one. With that makes simple things complicated…..

Enjoy your weekend………