Thoughts…Life & Coffee…

He was sitting alone on the corner table of Café Coffee Day…waiting for someone…he must be around 65, maybe more…it was difficult to figure out his age, because he had maintained his physique…but fine wrinkles around his eyes and temples were visible…he was holding something it was wrapped in beautiful Red Roses Gift Paper…I am sure he must be waiting for a woman…maybe his wife or daughter or girlfriend…nah he is too old to have a girlfriend but you never know…

The gate flew open and he gave a brilliant smile to someone who just walked in…I turned around to see who it was…and to my surprise it was a lady must be somewhere around 55 or so…but she was beautiful…her eyes were jet black with kohl…lips painted in soft hue of pink…soft curls giving her a more younger look and the beautiful white Anarkali Dress…I swear she could have knocked out so many actresses…but what surprised me more was that instead of behaving like a typical Indian couple…they hugged and kissed each other in café which was surrounded only by youngsters…many were awestruck like me…

He pulled chair for her…which I haven’t seen anyone doing in a long long time…I can’t help to eavesdrop…and it was the best conversation I ever heard…

“What took you so long?” he asked caressing her hands softly

“As usual traffic…and you know my driving skills” she smiled

“I love you…remember the first time we came here 30 years ago…we used to sit here like for hours…and talk about everything under the sky” he kissed her hand

“Yes…and you always ordered best shakes for me…and those beautiful coffee arts…what was the name of that girl?”

“Hetal…she was amazing”

“mmhmm…but that is not why you have asked me to come here for…what happened…why did you called me all of sudden…you know I have to cancel one lecture” she tried hard to look pissed at him

He laughed and took a long sip of his coffee and ordered her favorite drink, “well I am sorry for that but it’s something very important…and I couldn’t have waited for you to come in the evening”

“What happened now…are you starting a new venture or kids are demanding something” she raised her one eyebrow

“No one is sending kids anywhere and no one is starting a new venture…it’s about you…I bought something for you and I want you to have it”

“A gift…I am sure you could have waited till evening”

“No I couldn’t have even if I would have…come on now don’t be a spoil sport…you can keep that tough looks for later on…here open it” he handed her that thing covered in red rose’s gift paper

She gave him a suspicious look and started unwrapping it…her nails were painted in blood red color “Oh my God…Oh my God…you didn’t do this” she stood up with a jerk and gift fell out her hands…it was a book…she was shocked because her husband gave her something which she wasn’t expecting in her wildest dreams…but how come a book shocked her so much…

“Ssshhh…stop shouting…everyone is looking at us” he picked up the book from the floor and made her sit on the chair…offered her some water…they sat in silent for some time…then she said, “When did you do this…I mean how…I mean why and when”

“You always wanted to publish our love story…you wrote a brilliant book…but you never took the pain of visiting a good editor and publisher…so few months ago I asked Shona to look for right publisher and editor…and here is our love story…lying in 340 pages of AARYA…with tagline a lot can happen over coffee…you always wanted to keep it your tagline naa…hey what happened…aren’t you happy”

She was struggling with the lump in her throat…a small tear rolled down her beautiful Kohl eyes…she took a small sip of her drink “I don’t know where shall I start from…why do you love me so much…why do keep giving me these kind of surprises…you have done so much for me in life…you gave everything best in this world to me…now this book…I could have imagined anything, even a diamond ring from Tiffany’s but this no ways…Thank You so much” she got up and gave him a soft kiss and whispered “I love you”

“You liked it” he asked observing her carefully

“I liked it…I loved it…Is it already in market”

“No no…we are still working on the cover and name of the book…you will decide the final name and cover…what say”

“Well I liked the cover but we need to think about a good name…but I will keep the tagline” she returned his brilliant smile

“Alright Madame…as you wish…Shall we go?”

“Where” she gave him a quizzical look

“Don’t you want to meet your publisher…he is dying to see you”

“Oh…but I don’t know anything…what is he going to ask…and why is he so excited to meet me…and who is he”

“Okay can you stop being a journalist Miss Author…I will give rest of the details on the way…let’s go baby” he winked

She laughed, “Hey will you keep loving me in the same way for the rest of our life”

“We are oldies now…you still want me to prove how much I love you”

“You might be getting old…but I still feel sexy like a 21 year old bombshell”

“Believe me…till date when I look at you I see that 16 year old girl who walked in my restaurant and asked that stupid question Are You Vicky”

She gave him a long kiss and they went out of the café holding hand…lost in each other… 

I know rest of the story and I am sure all of you would be damn excited to know what happened next…now the question is WHO AM I…well umm…I am AARYA, daughter of Vicky & Aarya…and that awesome couple were my dad & mom…my mom decided to call me AARYA…I know you might be finding it strange…how come mother and daughter have same name…but don’t you know my mom for breaking rules set by Indian Society…

So here I AARYA daughter of AARYA is going to share the story of AARYA who loved her better half the way no one ever did…

Love ❤ AARYA

PS…I wrote it for some Writing Challenge but didn’t get a chance to publish it…still thought of sharing it with you…ENJOY 🙂



15 thoughts on “Thoughts…Life & Coffee…”

  1. This is a touching story. I like it very much.
    May I offer a suggestion? Where you describe the man’s would you consider smile lines or crow’s feet?
    With or without it is a great story. Barb and I celebrated 52 years last month. We are old as dirt, but I saw a glimmer of us here. thank you.

    1. Thank you so much Scott for such a beautiful suggestion…I always listens to what my readers…you showed me one more word that I can use while writing 🙂
      Congratulations…52 years…wow quite a long time…I am so glad that you read it…best wishes to you and your better half…Thank you for reading it…you made my day 🙂

    1. Well Nishi…I am glad that you liked it…but I twisted the truth little bit…it is actually my love story…in the competition…we were asked to write the first page of novel based on your life 🙂

      So I twisted few things here and there…my husband didn’t let me edit the last part…so sorry for confusion 🙂

      1. Thats okay even if its a projection of the you already have a daughter? its a lovely story nevertheless .. 🙂

      2. NO I don’t have any kids so far…but whenever I will have a daughter I will call her Aarya 🙂

        I am happy that you liked it 🙂

    1. Thanks Vishal…but I twisted the truth little bit…that is my love story…wanted to submit it for wow prompt but couldn’t…I was imagining future 😀

      But I am happy that you liked it 🙂

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