Two coins together

Twang & Jingle around

When in mood, stay cool and calm

When in fight spread noise all around


Piston and Wheel in Engine

Synchronize together to make a move

Gets hotter and hotter when are together

Cooling system sets to cool the air & joint around

Though without that joint My car cant move a step in round

Both have to stay connected round the clock


Two wine goblets make a sound

Tagged together to cheers the evening celebration

Without that noise the night cant start

Noise is made deliberately desperately to echo the moments on line


So why I hate noise when it hop to my house

Why I hate the noise when smash into my relations

Why I hate noise when knocks in my life

Why I don’t understand?


Noise is the indisputable part of life

Its existence is the witness that we are live

Its the one which rolls the wheel of life

Its the one which gives reason to move a step on aisle