“Rolling Time”

Who rolls on whom?

Life on me

I on life

I pave the way for it to take turns

Or it make the turns I have to take

While I was there to take decisions

two trails I can see

One attracts me the most

What made it so amiable to me?

Why I see one more align to me

I saw him very first, I feel the connection

My string’s frequency matches with the one in the crowd of zillions

How does it happen to me & to you

Why words of one dig me deep down

Why those same words by other offend me so hard

Does those words offend me

Does that person offend me

Does the tuning I share with him that offends me

Why one seems so in love to me the one very day

Why I get bored with the same other day

Does this ever happen to you?

I can just reconcile & recollect

Its not me, its not the being, its not the thing

Its TIME, which rolls all the day every time………….




Would appreciate your opinions and views...I am here to listen...

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