Its a beautiful day today. Since its weekend, it blooms more today… I have a thought to share. I learned about that thought after reading  Scott’s post. I had observed it before but never thought of writing it. Its about “HELP”

Help, Charity, Donation, Supporting a cause is always considered as a wonderful job in every culture and society. In fact, every religion promotes it by associating it with path to Heaven. Have you ever noticed any shrine, temple, church or religious place. You will see donation box there for sure.  While you are at that holy place….. they preach us about good and bad…….and will ask in implicit manner to donate. I am not sure about other religions. But in Hinduism, the Pundit (Who offer prayers) will preach ,”If you donate $$$, you are directly in service of god for so many days”. In fact if you ever get chance to go to any of  Shrines of Hindus, will get to see many people in orange colored dresses. They will call themselves as servers of God, and will tell you the list of various kinds of offerings. With each offer they will be booking a seat for you in heaven. As we do while booking air tickets, like on booking counter, they ask,”Which seat you want, Economy or Business, Sir? You have to pay $$$ for this and $$$ for that”. While you fix your seat, She will ask next,”Which one you want aisle or window, Sir ?”, then the next,” What in food and beverages, you want ? ” Do you see how familiar it is.

Gosh, but with all this I want to bring you in notice, that Hindu Scriptures, never ever asked for these offerings, and donations, It just asked the human to help other human as a daily practice. Thats it. But you guys know pretty well, that we human are too smart. We can make money by selling mud too. Then here its the diamond mine. One need not to dig coal and search. Whole world is full of religious naive people. Who dont give a single thought when it comes to religion. They never turned pages back to look what these scriptures actually said. Some are so morbid, that can do killing too on name of god. Then what to say about those who blindly indulge into these frauds.

Why God will ever ask you for money, what he will do with that, why he will need that  when he himself given it to you. God gave us money to help ourselves and to help others who are in need. Like helping a  poor kid in getting education. Helping a person in need by offering a job. Like helping old people by offering love, time and food. Acting good civilian to help others, society, country and whole humanity. That’s what god wants. God never ever said in any religion that money is the only agent to help. God never ever said that money is the visa to heaven……

We need to help others with what they need. Not with what we want to give.

We also need to ensure…….. who in real needs, because giving to those who are not in need, is never help……..


5 thoughts on ““HELP””

  1. Such is the way with all religions today. We need to be more interested in human beings than money but that’s not the way it seems to be going. Great post!

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