“Opportunistic World”

Sometimes its terrible to write. On top of that, writing like a twelve year kid. Sinking into imagination, rewinding the tape, looking back into memories, shedding of f the dust of years. Peep into past , seeing myself, how I used to think:

While I lean on my Chair and look into past. I find many of my friends, whom I havent spoken for years. I get to know about their lives from some far friends. I don’t know how true those intercepts were. But those remind me of time we passed.  At those young days, we all were of dreamy eyes. All had many expectations. Some from ourselves and some from this opportunistic world.

We never ran of hopes. We had plans, and goals. We were totally untouched by this bench-marking world. We never knew that dreams are also rated. We jumped with hopes into time changing jig saw crushing machine. All were crushed. After years of struggle, and travel. In their journey, the dreams turned from sparks to fume. The bright eyes, into heavy puffy bags. The unstoppable laughs into formal smiles. Running on trails, jumping on others in white canvas shoes turned to into more adept three inch heel walk.

Time changed us a lot. Looks free spirits of hopes puffed into bags to decorate this society. No ones look to live, but pretends to live the happiest life. Those were the days, when we shared secrets………. Now are the days we keep secrets……….

I wish I can tell them all,,,,,,,,, beat this time crushing machine. We were free birds…………. We are free birds………… We will remain free birds…………….



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