“Moment of Silence”

Its my day to write. Though I am not feeling to write. I have to do, otherwise Aarya will kill me.

I want to sit alone today, don’t want to speak any physical being. Not to any one, not even to my hubby. Thankfully its Monday, so he is at office. For him sitting quite a while is a big task. And asking him to sit silent and not peep into my room will be the terrible one for him to perform. He can write complex programs, spend hours on reading graphs….If I ask him to do simple things like being keep quite, act well……….. he would prefer to run rather than being with me. I simply love those expressions. When I stare at him and dont say a single word for a time. He gets alert as his invisible antennas catching some strong signals of dangerous situation. Its fun at times. To be honest  my respect for him escalates exponentially with his those artless actions…….

I want to be random today. Not to think but simply write…….. Does it ever happen to you……. that you dont want to be fragmented formatted……. but simply talk endlessly anything on everything…. When I get into this…… I simply love to sit on my cemented patio.. in my green backyard. Love to hear the chirps of birds…….. enjoy watching squirrels eating nuts……….  simply fell in love with the tall trees posing  lines of years on its big thick trunk……… and the dance show performed by the tangling leaves on the beat of wind….

Being Silent appears to me a great gift from god…….. where not you but your mind speaks…… and your heart agrees with your talking mind……… thats the moment where I really need no explanations………. because my heart, mind and thought are rolling on the same hertz……

I have this beautiful day with me today……….. hopefully you have it too……….



4 thoughts on ““Moment of Silence””

  1. Sometimes I feel the way you describe. That is when I grab my paper journal and write until !y mood changes. Of course, that doesn’t work for everyone. I like you post.

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