Caste Reservation System: India

Today I want to share few incidences of my life. They shook me so hard that I want to write about them. Those Incidences are relevant to Caste based Reservation System in India. India has been land of diversified culture, religion and so is caste. To bring the status of equality in Constitution of India, there is provision of giving reservation to the castes who were struggling hard for their societal equality status. Its different aspect of the story that those reservations were for the limited period, but has carried till date for the vote bank.

Irony is that in today’s scenario, the whole population of India has been divided into different segments. And more than 45 % seats in any government institution from Central Bank, IITs, IIMs to any Industrial Organisation comes under its dark shadow. In India to get into any government organisation or Academic Institution has to go through entrance exams. Every Organisation has its own exam. You can very well understand that a student in India has to give large number of exams before to get into any decent place.

And as India’s population is more that 1.21 billion, you can also very well statistically built a pie chart of young population on their caste based. And the number of students appearing for these exams are in millions. The irony is that not only number of  seats are reserved under these reservation systems but their cutoffs are almost  0.2 times what general public has to clear.

I am not against the uplifting of the poor, scared people. I want to help them too. But I hate when a person from reserved category from full resource family grab a seat under reserved category. A young bright mind of general caste from poor family, who scored far ahead than that guy struggles to get admission. What kind of equality we are heading to? Is nt this policy creating another backward section.

This whole leprosy infected and paralyzed system. It has spread almost every place. This reservation system is not only offered in under graduation, but in graduation, post graduations, doctrates, professional academic institutions, all government owned organisation. In fact the most tough exam in India for Indian Administrative Services, Central Bank of India and all elite organisation under it.

Are everyone blind, that for these responsible positions, we need the bright minds. But with this crippling minds how can India can grow. I am not saying that these people wont do anything. But I believe one need support till  doesn’t learn to walk. One doesn’t need  support while run. These bright young minds if need any reservation than till their bachelors.

Not after that, they are well  and equally equipped as other young India. And this reservation system definitely a big no for the fully equipped families. Its a helping system for those who cant help themselves. This system leads to suicides every year. Every year when entrance results are out, News paper are full of that news. Many good students don’t get job into those elite institutions even though scoring high, because they don’t come under that “Parasitic System”. I have seen my friends shattered because of it. They struggled hard for years and then end up looking for substitutes.

Those deserve and prove them fit, shall be given the chance. Not shall be gifted as a return gift. These seats are dreams of many eyes. Many after struggling so hard, and with capability cant grab them…….. choose the saddest  path……….

These are the barrier and hard chain which jailed the generations of India……… and still very much there……….


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7 thoughts on “Caste Reservation System: India”

    1. Yep Rajiv…… I afraid at times that on name of solving issues, these guys are digging another gorge….. which will help them to run another sixty years with divide and rule policy.

      1. All parties act almost same……One can rule only till its people are busy with their problems. That’s they do,, they keep people engage and busy with so many problems like inflation, education, unemployment, etc.. that they don’t get chance to sit and think….

  1. The simple observation here is, reservations are talked about by people – only who don’t want to look into/tackle the real issues behind “the problems” we see.

    If the “disadvantaged sections” have very little access to the educational materials needed to get into IITs, subsidize it for anyone who can’t afford it. I am sure the tax payers won’t mind it because at the end of the day more brilliant engineers in the society will only benefit them too.

    If the “disadvantaged sections”, lack awareness about IITs and what the hell not, start awareness campaigns about it!

    If the “disadvantaged sections” are being discriminated based on their caste etc…feel free to enforce the laws against discrimination we already have in place… objectively and transparently.

    But hey, what about “the injustice suffered by them in history”, well suck it up and deal with it. Or they will again face the same fate in the future, only in the hands of the vicious cycle they participate and propagate.

    1. Well you got a big point. You made my intention look more clear with very apt term,”Disadvantaged Sections”. I too think that what they suffered in name of cast in past was terrible. Its inhuman. But what we are doing now, is another inhuman action. I want all to get what they deserve and shall be paid for the efforts they made. We all are just human, rest all these castes, creeds and sections are fucking mind game.

      I appreciate your point. I am glad that you took time to stop by and shared your opinion. Have nice time 🙂

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