AARYA: Hey hi Wear…how are you doing today???

WEAR: Yeah…I  A.M.  F.I.N.E…

AARYA: Hey dude what happened? Why are you sounding so low?

WEAR: Nothing man…I am so sick of these fashion designers…I mean look at these people nowadays  …what kind of clothes they Wear?…skinny jeans, bum shorts, low waist clothes, leggies, slim fit and so many other stupid options which the call it designer wear

AARYA: I understand that Wear…designers are actually making stupid clothes for everyone…I mean look at me I am voluptuous and perfectly normal but still these skinny jeans don’t fit me…I tried them two three times in trial room but I always felt as if blood circulation has stopped in my legs…you tell me who in this world is so skinny…you know TB or Cancer Patient look boney…but these useless designer made it a style statement

WEAR: That’s what I am upset about…I mean who looks like these skeletons…you remember the days when people used to Wear beautiful dresses…which used to look great on every individual…I hope these fashion designers try to understand that fashion is not about Being Skinny but its about making comfortable clothes for Every BODY

AARYA: Wow…you really feel that Wear…I always thought that you like fashion and you are cool with latest stupid trend…but you think so differently

WEAR: See…this misconception lots of people have about me…I am not responsible for all the latest trends in the market…it’s you people…if you don’t like something than no need to Wear it

AARYA: Really…is that possible

WEAR: Yes it is darling…remember one thing ‘Always wear in which you feel comfortable and it doesn’t matter what you wear but how you carry it’

AARYA: That’s cool advice Wear…thank you so much…and you know what Wear

WEAR: What dear

AARYA: I love to Wear 😀

PS…Well today’s 101 Challenge is quite interesting…Isn’t it?…here’s my contribution…have a great and awesome day…Love ❤ AARYA



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