“Imperfection: I m Perfection “

With this writing challenge in continuation to the tale told to you by AARYA about her sensitive skin ……… I will accompany you all to her next chapter. These so called skin problems and pimples, had been a set back for moments to her. Although can never cross the fortified will of her.

May be this exterior has created illusion to all. Apparently there are all who loved, pampered, cared, respected the inner soul of Aarya. She was on her journey to uncover those who in actual are hers. Those tough times brought her few who begun their journey from there and are till the date. One of those few are her most loved gift, her love of life and me as a friend which she has bore and have to bore for her rest of life.

None of us knew at very first place, that we are about to begin a journey which has no ends. Well I am here to anchor the one which I shared with her. In those beautiful days, where Aarya was struggling with her skin troubles and I with the low confidence. She taught me to drive my first ride. It’s Silver metallic Honda Activa.

I was never a window shopper kind of person. Although I must tell you, When comes to shopping spree…. no one can beat Aarya….. She can spend hours looking at a bag. She will question each perfection and imperfection of the buy she will possess. She can never mess up with her lip shades, eye shadows,,,,,,,, their numbers with all details will be on her tips. She with her passion of projecting beauty always found her own way to shine her best foot. Everyone gets mesmerized at her perfect shade that cant even get time to look on her other side.

She could have never ever understood her true art of unraveling the hidden beauty unless have met this exterior illusion.

I wish you all to discover your real beauty in the imperfection which bothered most.  Because from there “JOURNEY BEGINS “


101 challenge


4 thoughts on ““Imperfection: I m Perfection “”

      1. Hmmm. Okay, a long answer. In my younger days, I used to have shoulder length hair. I used to cut my jeans and shirts with a blade, and used to use electrical wire to tie my shoes, instead of shoe-laces. I also used to wear beads around my neck. I have been considering a tattoo for a long time. Then, I became corporate!!! Now, I am non-corporate, and I often wear jeans/ walking trousers and Timberland shoes, particularly when I go out to do photography. I like torn jeans, but would not pay for them. A Topaz blade did the trick just fine! Long answer to your question? 😉

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