” Dawn to Dusk “

Bragging Sun when gets up,

Look tangerine to taste up

Sees no body gets up,

Fumes up,

Peeps with frowning eyes,

Getting redder and hotter,

Everyone curling with sleepy eyes,

On instant,

Rooster gets a blow,

Waves his wattle, settle’s its comb, clears throat

Do cock-a-doodle-doos,  cock-a-doodle-doos

To mark presence N please almighty sun,

Stands tall likes a Knight on mystical door

Almighty sun doesn’t get  please

Then comes the chirpy, twirling birds

Cardinal, sparrows, nightingales sings the chorus

Sun still doesn’t have fun

Trees turn to bright green, Grass rolls to silky rug

Though none delight indignant Sun

Then Human race wakes up

Reconcile, Rearrange for the day’s work

Still Sun’s irate doesn’t deescalate

Men work harder n harder down the day

Gets sweaty and muddy on its trail to perfection

Sun’s heat goes down

Amused with one step up journey to refine

Sun rolls down to dusky cozy bed

Close its eyes

Gifts all, tranquil Moonlight





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