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When I was Twelve

At age of twelve, I was hopping on my black buckle mudded shoes. With white shirt, blue skirt, red hair band on blunt cut. I used to rush to my Pistachio colored four floors building. The Dark green stripes in middle lined those apartments. My apartment was facing the back. It was blessed with the woods.

The aroma of Chamelis spreads every night. My Patio opens up to the big, tall Mango tree. I can remember the fully loaded Papaya tree on the corner of the building.  The surrounding of the building was half covered with grass. Rest with layered red and orange bricks. My Patio was my favorite. It had black wrought iron bars. Some were arranged vertical , and some were horizontal. All were in cross.  I used to hold grills tight with tiny hands. Put one hand out, with food in my hand. Calling chirpy sparrows to come near me.

Every morning I rush to my balcony to peep to the rising orange sun. The sky look dyed in my all favorite colors. In all rush I forgot to mention about the temple of goddess just in front of  my building. The back of the big white temple was in front of my third floor patio. The dawn begins with the morning hymns, sweet incense smells, and sweet ringing bells. And the dusk sleeps into slumber with those prayers getting loud. May I have holidays, can wake late. But the Prayers were never altered. Though the seasons change, enchants never miss their pace.

My apartment was in the twelve building in B Block. It stood on third floor. It was on the right corner while climbed up. A yellow colored wooden door with the inbuilt heavy lock. I run and yell  “Ma open the door, Ma open the door,”. The big kitchen window open near the main door. I will smell the hot food, cheer its name loud. If my favorite I am on the top, if not I will get heavy foot the very now.

The moment door opens, smash into the living room. I will throw my 7-8 kgs book filled bag on the big bed .Jump on one of the four chairs in set of two facing opposite to each other. A big glass table in the center.And a Television diagonally opposite to the main enter. I participate then  into treasure hunting game, hunt fast for the TV remote to be in charge and see the channel I want to. Mom will be yelling from Kitchen to change clothes and get on table to have food.

I will clung the remote and head to the second small bedroom. I had a comforting bed with my favorite soft cushions, and Tom Jerry printed sheet on the bed. A study table closed to the window opening to patio. A Plastic chair to sit and study. And a wardrobe sharing with my little sis and bro.

The noon will pass, with food, sleep and fun. When comes the dusk , got on call, gather the friends, hip and hop to big play ground. Chasing each other without any worries and fear………. When I was lil girl of twelve……..


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