“life & living Moments”

Last Saturday, I had invited couple of guests over dinner. The whole day swung so fast. I woke up early in morning to fix up everything for evening. Through out the day I rushed and swirled with in my small square kitchen. Up, down, right, left, back and forth. Sometimes jumped to get the flour, sometime hopped for spices and dishes, and sometimes to my lappy to recheck the recipes. Although in whole day relay race, I enjoyed to the most. 

Evening was splendidly good. We set the dinner in our backyard. We have cemented patio, a wooden hut with log wood table and benches. The charcoal grill was just next to place. Enjoyed the aroma of barbecued cottage cheese with colorful peppers,onions and cherry tomatoes. Savored them with the home made hummus dip. It was superb to see all getting homely and comfortable. All were sharing their funniest pranks of old grad days, the celebrations they had on last exam day, the drinking parties, their hangovers, their non stop tequila shots and the tale of tremendous aftereffects.

Few were so drunk that they couldn’t see the Net doors, trying to get through it, and hurting their nose. Few were so quite trying to fold and hold themselves. Some talked endlessly anything everything. I was pleased and contended to watch everyone joyful, jovial and carefree. For those few  hours, I felt the innocence of all of Early thirty aged as five years kid. Their laughs were loud, their songs with no rhyme were sounding smooth. Their tapped foot may not be balanced, though their heart was for  sure away from all hurts and hurls.

These effervescent moments fill the soothing, calming scent around you, makes one fresh as the very first drizzle touches the thirsty earth………….. 

Quench your thirst by reliving the beautiful moments of your life………..





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