FATHER & DAUGHTER…Unconditional Love

I am sure all of you must have heard about that…girls usually want their husbands to be like their Father…

Well I don’t know about you gals but I always wanted a life partner who can love me the way my father loved me…CONFUSED…well let me clear few things…

First of all I am not looking for a Father Figure qualities in my husband…I just want him to have some good qualities of my DAD…my father loves me unconditionally, no matter how many mistakes I commit in my life…he was always there for me…he shouted sometimes he even slapped me, but he was always there by my side…I want my husband to love me the way he did…Can you love me the way he did???

My dad always took care of my financial  needs and during thick and thin…he always gave me the best in his life…Can you promise to take care of my needs just the way he did???

He never wanted me to cry and he took care of it in such a way that I never do that in future…even when I shouted and misbehaved with him…by the end of the day he was always there to hug me…Will you hug me after every bad fight???

Whenever I saw failure and gave up on life…he was always there to hold me…and guided me towards the right path…Can you do that???

Whenever I was ill…he stood awake whole night to take care of me…he kept his hand across my head…he made sure that I take all my tablets on time and be on bed on time…Will you stay awake for me???

I always felt safe and secure with him…Can you assure me that safety and security???

He always encouraged me in life…he always believed in me…Will you believe in me???

I know you might be thinking that I have gone nuts…but no I haven’t…you men can never understand this that it’s not easy to move on…there was this one man who was always there no matter what…without expecting anything in return who always loved me unconditionally…I used to call him my DAD…he is the best example of a perfect gentleman…he is the kind of man every girl would dream of…he is my first love…

I want you to be my last…but will you love me unconditionally like him???…will you be there for me in worst???…

No don’t give me that look…don’t you men expect your wives to love you and take care of you like your mom…we women do it also…we manage your home and life just the way your mom did for you…but can you give me what I want???

I don’t want you to be my FATHER…I just want you to love me the way he did…I just want you to handle me the way he did…I just hope that you don’t say no…because after my DAD…you are the only man I ever loved…

Happy Father’s  Day to all of you…and if you have some time…give it a thought…

Any fool can be a father…but it takes a REAL MAN to be a DADDY…I have a DADDY…I am looking for a REAL MAN…Can you be???

Love ❤ AARYA


10 thoughts on “FATHER & DAUGHTER…Unconditional Love”

  1. You will have readers who say yes to each of those things, but when faced with it they will end up saying no. There really is a difference. No one can replace a Daddy. Daddy is a special term. You can ‘father’ a child but it takes something else to be a Daddy. There will be a man that can come close but when you carve deep deep down the Daddy will always when in that unconditional love.
    I love, I say Much Love to certain people, but I can be let down and be hurt and then it is difficult to keep returning to that hurt unconditionally. A Daddy knows hurt is part of it and loves anyway.
    I’m not certain if any of this made sense but I just felt a need to speak.
    Much Respect and Much Love

    1. I cant deny what you said Ron…but you know this is what we girls feel at times…its like a dream but reality is way to different…women are capable of loving unconditionally…they even forgive their husbands one night stand or flings in offfice…but men cant do that…they are not designed that way…
      I guess that is why people always say that no one can ever love you the way your parents loves you…but we girls can dream about it every now and then 😀 …I am glad that you shared your thoughts Ron…that is why we write so that people can read it and share their opinion about that topic…and your every word makes perfect sense 🙂

  2. You´re right of men not being to understand this. At least not me, I can understand what your saying but can´t relate. If my father ever put a hand on me I´m quite certain things would not turn out in good terms no matter how much he would say latter on I´m sorry. Plus I´d probably smack him back. You want a man that hits you? Taking care of all your financial needs and always be there for you….don´t know about that one either. I think that is a disservice, my father made it quite clear since a very early age to me as he put it “at the end of the day you are alone” As in saying that I better get used to fend for myself. Turned out good advice, I am a survivor. Been in very tough situations in life and I´ve come out the other end sort unscathed most of the time. In life you have to be able to depend on yourself, have self confidence, encourage your self. If you have people around you that much better but first it has to be you, it´s all on you most of the time. But that´s just my opinion. Plus you seem to have turned out pretty good.
    Hey, I just disagreed with you 🙂
    Still love you though. Which I don´t know if it´s Veda or Aaray, you guys are confusing…..

    1. Point well made Sir…
      You know in India, once a girl gets married her financial needs are responsibility of her husband and I wrote it from that point of view…but I agree with your point that we should be independent and have confidence to face the world alone but this is hardly happens in my country…we are closely bonded together and if so ething goes wrong…everyone would be on their toes…scenario is changing in urban cities but it will take a long time…
      Parents dont allow to work their kids until they complete their education…they are like we have so much money so there no need for you to work…complete your education than do some decent job…they cant tolerate if we work as a newspaper guy or waiter for some extra income…they cant
      stand it 😀
      But I know I am going to break that rule too…I am going to kick the butt of kid once he is mature enough to work 😀
      Hey bhagvan…I am Aarya…at the end of the post we always write our name…boys I tell you…but thanks for responding, your views are always fun to read and thought provoking too…love Aarya

  3. I know a Father puts his older Doughters name in too his house though she is Marryed ? But I know she wants too take the house away from Him too get the Money too leave her Husbend too leave the State too live some where else though that Father dosn not know what kind of person she rely is!

  4. Why dose a Father has too have his 3 Doughters on his side & never believes what there Mother tells them the truth about there Father! I guess the 3 Doughter are too too blind too see what there Father rely is!

  5. My Sister is soo evil she wants too put my Mother in a home ! Just too grab the money of our house not hers she has her own house too sell our house grab our house in money & run & leave her great Husbend he’s very nice. I think my Sister is a crook !

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