Food and Memories…

I loved today’s Writing 101 Challenge…in fact I requested Veda to let me write about it 😀 …I know that Michelle asked us to write about that one special meal…but as usual I am going to break the rule 😉

As a kid I was very choosy and moody when it comes to food…well now I behave maturely and eat whatever is served in front of me until its totally indigestible and yuckie…but I remember my Summer Vacation Days which I used to spent religiously every year at my Granpa’s place…

As soon as I landed in my native house…I used to rush in the kitchen and check what is being cooked for dinner…and every time it was Rajma Chawal …well Chawal means Rice and Rajma is Red Beans, made in tangy tomato gravy…it taste super yummy…my Granny used to serve me in my favorite round plate made of Bronze 🙂 …with spoon full of Desi (pure) Ghee…

Desi (pure) Ghee…it’s made from butter and smells divine…even more divine than beer and wine and its very good for health…I can bet my life on its smell…nowadays you don’t get it in purest forms…but my Grand Parents used to bring it from their village…I still have 6 liters stored in my kitchen…you add it in any dish and it will enhance the flavor just like basil…my Granny used to add it in every dish of mine 😀 …I used to enjoy it a lot as a kid and I still do…

But the celebration used to happen when whole family used to go out…well my native place is a small town…but there we have this very famous Chaat Wala (Street Food)…as a kid I used to visit his place every year along with my whole family of 15…now as he serves a street food so he didn’t have any place to sit…he just put 20 chairs around his Food Stall…

Now whenever I visited him, my family used to occupy all seats 😀 …and then the real fun used to kick in…as he served the famous Street Food of India…Pani Puri, Aloo Tikki, Dahi Bade, and various other items made from Puri…so everyone used to place order as per their taste…some people were fond of Sweet Chutney (Sauce) and some of them liked it spicy…well my favorite was and still is Spicy Aloo Tikki…love for spicy food is cultural disorder which you will find in every Indian girl…

Now the Chaat Wale Uncle used to get crazy whenever we visited him…I mean imagine 15 people placing orders on top of their voice and he never uses any pen paper to write the order…and no body ends up with one item, we all used to hog on everything on his Food Stall…it used to look like Zoo instead of a Food Stall…and honestly we kids used to fight and eat like animals…as if this the last day of having food…

But cherry on the top was Kulfi with Faluda… yummm…just next to the Food Stall…there is one more Uncle who sells delicious Faluda…umm, Kulfi is sort of an Ice Cream made from full cream milk…but it is more healthier and tastier than ice cream…and Faluda is kind of semitransparent noodles…and when you combine these two together…it gives you wings, it feels so blissful…you know like Mac & Cheese or Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream…

I have been visiting this place since I was 3…and in the span of 25 years nothing has changed…that food stall is still there, but managed by next generation and that Faluda Uncle is also there…he has grown old…in the month of April I visited my native place after 7 years…I hogged on everything from Pani Puri to Faluda…the taste was same, the way it used to be but something was missing and I realized that my family has been scattered here and there…and more than food I was missing my family and the kind of crazy atmosphere we always created…

I guess more than spices and perfectly cooked food…it was love amongst us that we shared which used to enhance the flavor of food…I know nothing in the world can bring us all together…but we have loads of beautiful memories which are enough for this life at least 🙂

Gotta  rush to the Pani Puri Stall, my mouth is watering a lot…Love ❤ AARYA

I will end it on a sweet note
I will end it on a sweet note

PS…I swear on my love for food…if it’s possible I would have served each and every dish to my Followers and Viewers while reading this post…but technology hasn’t advanced so much…so I can’t help it…till than ENJOY your fav food 😀



21 thoughts on “Food and Memories…”

  1. Another good culture article. These tend to be my favorite. I love to learn about other places and lives. The pictures were excellent and again I love your phrasing.
    As with everyone I have read so far on the subject, it’s the family ties that make the meal and not the taste of the food itself. So the missing part was perfect. That is something shared across all cultural lines.
    An excellent read.
    Much Respect

    1. Who can understand better thn you Ron…after all you are history lover…and I guess food and family is something common among all cultures…we all love to enjoy food with family and friends 🙂
      I am glad that you liked it…

  2. Rajma Chawal on a cold winter day…..chaat by the beach….followed by tangy cold frozen gola…..Aarya, I am craving these foods now! 😉

    1. Hahaha…I wish I could give it to you but I cant…but its great that you visited my blog…if I am not mistaken you are an Indian too 🙂

    1. Hahaha…Rajiv I am from North India so i know what are you talking about 😀
      Gol Gappa I swear I heard this word after so long…every one out here in my city call it Pani Puri…

      1. In North India, they call it Pani Puri? Nooooo!!! That is such a Bombay term, that I was about to swear that you are from Bombay! Except for the article about your dad in 47 degrees C, which made me wonder!

      2. Well I am from UP and I have been brought up in Gujarat…I have married a Rajasthani guy and right now humping and jumping among metros of India 😀

      3. Which part of UP are you from? I have travelled across that state – cities, towns and villages. And, in the days before Uttarakhand was carved out! I hope you enjoy the humpin’ and jump in’. Have done that all my life!

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