I wrote it before my dad met with an accident…on that day he was coming from one of the Oil Rig…and temperature outside was 47 Degree Celsius…thought if sharing it today…ENJOY 😀 

‘Hi Paa’ I said as he entered the Kitchen

‘mhmm, what are you doing???’

‘Preparing food…it’s killing me…it’s so hot, kitni garami hai’ I said irritatingly

Instead of saying anything…my dad gave me a REALLYY look…

I smiled and said, ‘I mean I know that you are coming from Field and it’s really hot outside but you know…it’s little but hot inside the kitchen too’

I exchanged this conversation with my Dad yesterday in the afternoon…Indian Summers are really hot and pain in the ass…every year lots of people die due to severe heat waves during Summer Season in India…I realized after my not so funny conversation with Dad…that there are so many people who must be working in the scorching heat at that very moment…without getting bothered by the Furious Sun…they never complain, they just keep on working with dedication…

I am so proud that my Dad is one of them…well he is 53 and he is an engineer and he has always worked in the field for hours and sometimes for days…he loves his job religiously…in fact recently when he got transferred to the Office Job, he switched it back to Field Work within few weeks…Can you believe that???…I wish I could have that level of tolerance for heat…he has severe Sun Burn, still it never bothered him…

SO, I decided to pay tribute in form my writing a post…not only to my dad but to various other people who are working since years in the Burning afternoon SUN every day…without ever complaining about the heat and sweat…without ever getting bothered about the Sun Burn and Heat Strokes…I know if I would be at their place I would  get dizzy within few minutes…but I would like to thank God also for giving me such a beautiful life which so many people dreamt of having…

Whether you are a street vendor or a street hawker or a soldier or an engineer or a cobbler or a bus conductor or a labor or any person who works in Killing Sun Heat without ever complaining…I can at least thank them…thank you so much for working day after day for us and making our life and society a better place to live 🙂

You don’t have the guts to go and work in the Summer Sun…but we can always appreciate those who are working for us…it will take only few seconds to thank them…

Thanking all who works in Scorching Sun…Love ❤ AARYA



6 thoughts on “CAN YOU…BEAT THE HEAT???”

  1. I enjoyed the article. I used to unload trucks in my younger days. Hot metal sides in the middle of the hottest part of the summer with no source of air. If you touched the sides you burned. I worked and always felt bad but worked anyway. Years later it was found out that I am allergic to heat and to the sun.
    Much Respect

    1. Hats off to you Ron…I can understand its really not easy to work in the furious heat specially during Summers…I am glad that you shared something so personal 🙂
      Thank you for making our life beautiful and easy 🙂

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