“People, Place & Me”

Krista builds a great wall with every challenge. A tough one to jump out. Today’s challenge is not just a writing challenge but bigger than that as I am quite bad in defining one. I never ever could remember any single definition in my life. Newton’s three laws I could just remember because they are more in equations than in words. In fact I got bashed a lot of time in my grad days, as I always argue to professors why to recite words so in deep, If I can understand its mean.

For the twist of the day, my Public Place starts with a walk on long road connecting the busy freeway to a street leading to web of residences. The second public place which I visited in such bright hot summer is the Pool.

Big Vans, Semi, Sedans and Coops were running fast. From mind 1970s to 2014, every year’s production, every possible color, every possible dent and shine, and all brands on this earth were zooming in and out on my walk.  Some were fast, in hurry to reach the home. Some were slow, as if ultimately where to go. Big wrinkles, twisted skin on forehead, bright eyes, and a finger tapping on chin. Waving head left and right, look behind to shoulder check, honking to clear the jam. Some eyes were so deep, had their own grief. Some were queried one, to arrange to encounter all one by one. Some were simply talking to themselves, as I was near to hear them. Some looked to me, smiled to me , waved to me as if I am the one who they knew. Some were in a zest as life is a treasure hunt. Every single moments tickle to them as the countdown to begin. Some were emotionless. As if life is nothing to offer yet.

Mean while watching them all, I got to look for a while to two peers. It was a big red van. A man in 20’s in bright red and black checks, Black shade on eyes and yawning wide. He ticked with his right hands, left hand was on the top of steering wheel. A lady in late 50’s with a Shirt of  flower prints, a tango top in black was sitting next to him. She sat straight and tight, a dark brown shades covering all her brows, a bright red lipsticks, gratified her age with exploded blow.

Second trip to Swimming Pool. A Rectangular pool with bright blue ceramic tiles. Crystal clear water, specifying the depth in all locations overall. The pool was surrounded with wood boundary. It is painted in milky white color. To appreciate the ambiance, the big swimming pool chairs are lying on all sides and corner. The tube in rainbow colors was tied with big thick muddy color rope on the right side of the edge. Six children from age of four years to fourteen, were jumping in and out of the pool. A kid in dark blue shorts is the most naughty. Splashing water on all. His tiny fingers and young age. His spiky wet hair and big grey eyes. He seems to be youngest in all. He pulled the leg of the biggest boy, reading a book, lying on the long chair and dreaming in sun. The big boy ran after the youngest one. They ran and ran encircling the pool. The youngest one tricked the oldest guy. He jumped into pool with a fast twist. In a hurry to catch and to fix him up. The oldest one too jump in the pool. All rest four were laughing loud, clapping hard and yelling high.

In their play, time ran away, the dusk unfolded its arm to me. The birds chirrup hard, inviting for dine to all. I can smell barbecue sauce, grilling meet, saute onion, spices and all. Calling me to hold the writing as its time to set the tummy with the palpitating dish and a desert for the rest of the day overall .


101 Challenge


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