“Probabilities & We All”

Possibilities and Probabilities

Existing and moving hand in hand through all

Possibilities give stand to convert in probabilities

Its the first stepping stone on stairs touching high sky

It is well proven first rock of strong foundation

It is the must spice of  all hit recipes

Its the first step to all known hypothesis and Thesis

Its the seed, growing and blossom into big large tall timber

When possibilities are of immense potential

Why we rational, emotional scholars

Calculate Probabilities

On that, search only for positive probabilities

O my learned men,

We were so engaged in model our probabilities

We forgot the biggest influencing factor, the time

Our analysis took so much time

All positive probabilities turned into null and negative one

So not occupy so much ourselves with this fantasy

Look to possibilities with optimism

Take our step

We will lead one step certain ahead…….






2 thoughts on ““Probabilities & We All””

  1. The possible is favorable over the probable to me. 🙂 All things are possible if one ignores what their minds and others tell them what is probable. Is it probable one will become a famous author? Statistics say no, but is it possible? Yes. Without the possible then there would be no dreams and then possibles would never become a probability in the future.

    I have confused myself beyond belief.
    Much Respect

    1. hahaha Ronovan…. great thoughts.. I myself confuse on this. so inked it out. Just know that may be positive probability will be the best selling author. However he has to be Author(possibility) before becoming best seller one. As far as Statistics concerned….. you well said.. doesn’t matter. It opens up all cards when we choose any path…….. Have a good day… 🙂

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