“She & Foreign Land”

What a coincidence. I have landed on this foreign land, exact a year ago. Today, I have been asked to write about the one who enriched me most in the past one year. In last one year, I traveled to different places. I acquainted,  confronted and crossed eyes to many. Only few could impact me deep. Today I will narrate you about the one who ascendance me the most.

A lady in her mid thirties. Long, heavy hairs. Bangs at the front, layers in behind. The long white silver rings on her two small years. Deep eyes with brown color. Slight brown circles encircle the sockets of her eyes.Soft  small creeks on the sides of  eyes are visible. Though, nothing can match her full blown charming smile. She was in rush after one year naughtiest daughter, rolling on the floor, pulling her sister’s ribbon from her hair. Her bump was big, waiting for one surprising gift yet to come. She was on the top of her energies. Her voice was vibrant, her moves were subtle and clear.

I was amazed to see her energy levels. She was managing the all house hold with two kids, one on way to come. Husband and in laws were never out of the line. She never seems whinnying.  I always seen her jumping from one corner to other. For the last six years, never saw her motherland. When came to this land, was in her late twenties. With a baby around her neck. She not only adapted to the culture. She brought her kid, fastened with her to grasp the grip of two cultures. She deep ingrained her mother culture. Although asked, lived and suggest all to adept into new culture.

She with all responsibilities built her own way. She built her own ship. She compassed her journey to the direction she felt correct. She now acquired all the one can believe in. Her patience, sheer determination, strong will, and dreamy eyes made me believe into my dreams. Her traits touched me deep, asked me to bait my journey hard. She is the one, I met first on the strange land. She was the one who gave me the wide warm hug. She was the one who said me “Welcome Home’….

101 Challenge



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