“Stats & Me”

Stats resembles to me

elaborating numerically the equations of my relations


Time Series Analysis

 Predicts my future behavior on trends of my last conducts


Correlation signifies in defining my chemistry with others

Likes and dislikes of mine are digitalized with sophisticated R, SAS, Minitab and others


Regression doesn’t stop on giving me a best fit

It details me with who affecting me most

As my true counselor, disguise me or decode me

Chemical composition and Physical nature of others 


Let me introduce you to Beta

Coefficient elucidating the factors 

Defining my overall behavior


These Time Series, Beta, Regression and Correlation

enlighten me with the way I pick my reaction

Are my reactions not appears

Process Reaction

Hope one day, I model my equation of reaction

Controlling my parameters

Playing with my Beta Coefficients




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