“Letter & Rain “

Dark clouds captivated the whole sky. It was raining terribly hard. I was in rush to go college. Its 8 am in morning. A USPS van stopped near the walkway. The big guy with large black coat stepped down. He had a bulky bag of posts. The rain was turning harsh. The channels were overrun. He hurriedly put all mails into boxes. Suddenly I stumbled on a mail.  I opened it as envelop was all washed.  

My watery eyes in heavy rain could read only these lines:

Dear Mrs. Marry Fernandez,

We are sorry to inform you about Mr. Joseph Fernandez, your brave son is a martyr. He drowned into overflowing river while saving the lives of citizens trapped in deluge in Philippines.

Army Services

A martyr lost his life in flood and now his letter is in cascade.  I was shivering, holding his letter in hands. I blindly ran behind the van to get this letter to its final place.


101  Challenge



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