Isn’t it AWESOME…

I have written this post for Daily Prompt: Pick me Up

There are many words in Oxford Dictionary but there is something special about this word called AWESOME…let me tell you something about this word now…

😀  AWESOME…is the one word that always brings smile not only on my face but on my hubby’s face too…

I don’t know how and when it started but whenever something amazing would happen, we both used to use word AWESOME instead of any other word…we were so addicted to this word that when it became our trademark, nobody knows…my brother asked us to get AWESOME 🙂 word patented…

We both are using this word way before Barney Stinson 😛  …but things went haywire, when this same word started appearing in every other column of the newspaper and magazines…one day we both were watching TV and saw this commercial of CINTHOL SOAP and GUESS WHAT…they were using our word AWESOME…than TATA NANO also started using our patented word…and the list is never ending…

I really should have patented my word AWESOME 👿

But something more funny happened as soon as I started blogging…there is this guy on WordPress with Book of Awesome and he ends his every post with AWESOME…well I know that is my word…I still use it at sometimes in my writing and I want to let that guy know that I am not copying it because it’s my word too 😛 …

We both use this word till date…I don’t know why but this AWESOME word is really AWESOME…Isn’t it?

Feeling AWESOME 😀   …AARYA


3 thoughts on “Isn’t it AWESOME…”

  1. lol, I liked your post, and yes this word is AWESOME, and in Barney Stinson’s style..Legen…wait for it..Dary 🙂
    I keep saying, I am awesome 🙂 it does feels good 🙂

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