ZERO SIZE FIGURE AND SIX PACK ABS…I don’t know which asshole has started this bullshit concept but whomsoever it was…OFF WITH HIS HEAD

I am so sick of this concept…wherever you go people are getting obsessed with ZERO FIGURE day by day…girls who are already zero size are starving themselves to death, so that they can maintain that carom board figure…without boobs and hips…woman are killing themselves day and night in gyms, so that they can get back in shape after delivery or lose those flabs around tummy sections…still NO RESULT…well they do reduce weight but some chunks are still lying around the belly and hip area…what shall I do???

I am dieting…in fact I am killing myself to look like a skeleton…still Nothing…How could these celebs maintain their amazing figure…I mean most of them are like 35 or 40 plus…still they have sexy svelte to die for…don’t you find it strange, you are also on strict diet…you haven’t eaten anything sweet in over a year…still you don’t get your desired figure…you are working out since months still no six pack abs 😦

I would give away anything to know the secret of these celebs Fab Bods…but don’t worry you can have that dream like figure in few minutes…you just need to have lots of Swiss Money and a great Cosmetic Surgeon…well lose those lame expressions from your face because this is a HARSH REALITY of these celebs amazing figure…

LIPOSUCTION…is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries among the Glamor World…you cannot imagine the number of times they go under knives to acquire that Toned Body…but the worst thing is this that these Celebrities never accept in front of the camera…they are always like “I work out a lot…I don’t believe in dieting…my body is genetically lean”…and many more other useless excuses…but reality is totally different…

Once they have gone under knives…they try to maintain that body with the help of a Team…Dietician, Trainer, Masseur, Therapist to name the few…most of the time they are on strict diets of Protein Shakes and Powder…no doubt they workout like shit…but if they don’t work out they will return to their original flabby body…which they don’t want to flaunt in their wildest dreams also…

There are various kinds of surgery which majority of them like to go with…Lipo, Botox, Lip Lift, neck lift, silicon boobs and ass, six pack abs and the list is as usual never ending…and we all lame and stupid people get impressed by their fabulous body…actually we should get impressed with their surgeons who are the real crafters…

I don’t know about you guys but these celebs figure never impressed me…I know anyone can look hot and sexy after so many cosmetic surgeries…do you remember Kate Middleton…she flaunted the cute baby bump after few days of delivery…but when the Fashion Police and various other not so sensible people of the Not so Glam World criticized her for that baby bump…she went under knives within a month of her delivery…how could she do this…I mean you are the Princess of Wales, people look up to you and you are sending out wrong messages to the whole world…instead of that you should have flaunted your newly acquired baby bump with proud…I guess in that way you could have earned some respect at least from me…

Well…this is only one example…go GOOGLE it…you will find various pics and articles related to celebs going under knife…they go for it again and again…until the docter say strictly no…there is one celeb from UK, at one interview of hers, she said ‘I have gone with tummy tuck 8 times after that doc said NO’…they do it because their profession demands it…but it doesn’t mean that these surgeries don’t have side effects…I mean they have best doctors and teams in the world, they have millions of dollars in their account, to handle any severe consequences…do you know many of these Celebs go for IVF because their body is no more capable of conceiving naturally…thanks to these surgeries and horrible dieting…

Don’t follow them blindly…because most of the things of the Glam World are Fake…from tip to toe they are fake…in fact if someone ever asks you the synonym of Fake its Celebs…we are normal people, we don’t have money and time to maintain that body…so why don’t we try to be fit as fiddle…we can’t afford to have expensive docs visit for IVF…we can’t afford to have servants, who will cook everyone’s favorite…but yes we can definitely afford to stay healthy for rest of our lives 🙂

I am trying to be healthy and fit…and if in that long run I will lose some weight well wouldn’t that be awesome…It’s good to have a sexy body but don’t push yourself so much that you suffer severe health issues and tear your tissues…

Got to go for my evening walk…Love ❤ AARYA




    1. Ask me..due to severe health issues I put on lot of weight…thanks to me height I still dont look fat…I am full figured now…I am trying to reduce it but nothing us helping much instead I got injured here and there 🙂

  1. I think the world sends a mixed message to girls these days. Jennifer Lopez has been named the most beautiful women in the past and has a figure. But here is what I think is the mixed message or mixed signals. Yes a thin woman CAN be attractive. But a voluptuous woman is as well. In my church we had two girls 12 and 13, sisters, starving themselves to be thin. They were already then. Both are fine now, but one actually lost so much weight that her looks suffered greatly and I don’t think she’ll ever recover what she once had.
    For me, I prefer that when I put my arms around a woman that I don’t end up hugging myself. If you ask any man that is what he will say. There is healthy skinny and there is the new term skinny fat. This means someone who has starved themselves thin without any muscle tone but still have soft flesh. They are unhealthy. But for some reason they think they look great. If you wear a size Zero and you have overhang we know you’re not healthy.
    Society and fashion marketing with their photo shop practices of slimming down their models isn’t helping.
    Give me a woman with curves and I’ll give you a man who enjoys the road of life.
    Much Respect

    1. you are so right Ron but look at the women and girls around they are starving themselves to death and it also affect their health in long run too…specially in concieving naturally and after delivery also their body arent able to heal…because they have never taken a proper diet…in India our elders ask us to eat healthy in teens and young age so that our body becomes fit and healthy to bear the pain of pre and post delivery…and it also helps you in dealing with health problems of old age…and that is why girls are fed so much in India…and are curvy…
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts…I appreciate it 😀

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