” Strings and Peace”

The song plays a very vital role in life, that I am sure. The three songs which had played a vital role in my life are difficult to say. Every moment in life plays on unique rhythm. Never two moments are ever same. They are different either in terms of the circumstances or intensity of emotions or the tornado of reactions. However despite all these. Few things  have most of time played a very elevating role in my life.

The very first song or the string which makes me feel good is the chirp of birds in the dawn. When sky is bright red. Sun is about to rise. The stage lights are set and changing with the every single step the sun comes up. The birds of different species come together, roll together in the sky, singing and welcoming in flocks the bright shine.

The second song which touch my soul and makes me feel in peace is the sound splattered by the flowing water in solace. The beats played with the fall of each drop in complete synchronization on the hard rough rock. Producing the melodious lyrics as they have practiced million times before.

The third song which always mesmerized me is the chants of Sanskrit Shlokas. Whenever I heard them, all my mind, body and soul seem me to align in one aisle. It feels that all nature, universe and earth is dancing and reciting the same mantras. Mind gets blank. Breath feel fresh and pure. Heart feels light and above. As all have been shrink into one for the moments.

My words and songs may not be the choice of yours. Although I am sure, the feelings I felt are the same, which you felt while you hear your three songs. The rhythm, the words, the beats, the tempo may vary. However the happiness, the feel, the peace, the adore is the same.

Our mind and body always move on its rhythm. We just need to find the songs which match with the frequency of our mind and heart. Once we have the true match,we feel the peace. We feel exhilarated and satiated. We feel the presence of ours as a true being among the crowd of billions. The feel of that presence makes us liberated.

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