BEING ALONE…my time, my space

I love to spend time with me…and by me I mean just me, my mind and my heart…

I know some of you might find it bizarre but it’s true…In India, we don’t entertain concept of living separately from parents or family…so we hardly get time to be alone…someone or the other is always there to bother your train of thoughts…which I hate from bottom of my heart…I always enjoyed being alone at the regular interval of times…but It hardly happens…

I love my family and I know I can go to any extent for my loved ones…but you know there are days and time when I just want to be alone…I don’t feel like talking to anyone…I just want to sit alone and get lost in time…I just want my mind to wander everywhere…I want to feel nothing…I want to enjoy my company…I want to talk to myself…I want to be alone so that I can understand myself better…honestly I don’t feel ashamed also…in fact I find bliss in being alone…now mind you, there is a huge difference between BEING ALONE and BEING LONELY…I like to be ALONE…at times…

You know…because of my this nature my family also says that I am selfish…but that is not true…they don’t understand that I just need some time and space…once I will get my ME TIME…I will be back with a bang…I hope they understand specially my MOM…

It’s really difficult to find quite place when you have four to five adults living under the same roof…but there are few places where I find solace…I love to go for a long drive, especially when its full moon…I ask Vicks to take me for a very long drive…we sit in silence and enjoy the never ending road, full moon and stars…I swear the kind of peace it gives to my mind is just WOW…secondly, I can go for it every now and then without hurting the feelings of my loved ones…it works like a Quick Fix It

I have a hill station near my city…there we have a secret escapade… government has built a damn at 4000 feet…and the view of that place is mesmerizing…now damn is surrounded by greenery wherever you can lay your eyes greenery is the only thing that is visible…and at times the damn looks more like a lake at the foothill of the mountains…translucent water, thousand shades of green, trees some small some big…some clouds are floating on the water everywhere around you, in fact some of them are stuck between trees and plants…you will feel like running towards them and setting them free…but as you will reach out there to set them free, you will find yourself in some foggy place…and the big blue sky…it feels like heaven…I am sure heaven must looked like this in reality…

I feel so calm and serene out there…I let my thoughts wander around…I feel so blissed and happy…I feel as if I am on top of the world…that place was introduced to me by Vicky…he has been brought up in that hill station and there are very few people in India who are aware about that place…and when I saw that place for the first time…I forgot all my pain and sorrows…I was lost in the time and in the moment…I would give away anything in life to be at that place forever…

I am so crazy that I even asked Vicks to buy me a cottage at that hill station…well he said that he will buy me a beautiful cottage someday…till than he promised me that he will make sure that I visit this place once in every year or two…and for the time being I will feel blessed in my long drives…and there is one more place which gives me solace, MY BLOGGING WORLD…I have started visiting it recently but it takes off every small trace of stress from my mind…isn’t it awesome 🙂

I need to be alone sometimes…so that I can understand myself better…I find solitude in being alone…I will feel grateful if you can understand it but if you can’t…I am sorry I can’t help it…I like Being Alone…

Dying to be at that place…Love ❤ AARYA

PS: It was quite difficult for me to write on today’s Writing 101 Challenge…I mean I am a moody writer…I don’t feel like writing on every topic anytime…I need to be in that zone and mood…still ENJOY 😀


16 thoughts on “BEING ALONE…my time, my space”

  1. Funny how people don’t really understand the need for own space time. I would go completely mad if I didn’t have it, living as I do in a permanently packed house!!!

  2. I can surely relate to the need for alone time with myself and my thoughts – no one else involved. When I used to travel often to Europe, even though I am not religious, I would often find an old cathedral and just sit with my thoughts. I enjoyed it because no one would bother me and I could sit for an hour alone with my thoughts.

    1. You are so right Bill…these holy places have some magic…you always feel blissed…Thanks for reading it and sorry for late reply 🙂

  3. I don’t normally write in response to blog challenges. You refer to Panchgani? We all need alone-me time. This is necessary. We have loads and loads of people in our homeland, which sometimes makes it tough…

  4. In practices of Yoga and Zen there is an idea of “creating space.” It is the ability to make space in your head to find that calm point, or space somewhere in your body where you feel tension that you need to release.

    Being alone is merely a state of mind.

    Good post.

    1. Thank you so much for reading…appreciate your views and you are right it is a state of mind…because there are many people who are always surrounded still they are always alone 🙂

  5. That hilltop place sounds so beautiful – thanks for sharing this! 🙂 It really sounds like heaven.
    I have the luxury of being alone most of the time, so it’s hard for me to understand why anyone would not honour your wish to be alone, or find you bizarre because of it. It’s NORMAL, for crying out loud! Last month I was travelling for two weeks, constantly being with people. It wore me out. I was so glad to come back home and get a break from all that … don’t know what to call it, but I feel crowded by people’s thoughts, projections, demands, judgments and all of that sticky energy. So I understand completely your need to be with yourself. Don’t feel guilty because of it, and if other people are trying to lay a guilt trip on you – don’t let them! You know best what’s good for you.
    Thanks for this lovely post. ❤

    1. Thanks Zarah…for sharing your thoughts…I can understand your desire to be alone after a two weeks of trip with people…I used to feel guilty few years back but now I am cool with it…I realized that I can remain happy and calm only under one condition…and that is to have some ME TIME…

  6. Hope you get that cottage one day, invite me if you do. Doesn´t sound too bad a cottage by the lake any place really. And specially where you are coming from.

    1. I will definitely invite you Charly but you have to promise that you will come…well it will take few years may be more than a decade but I will have it before I take my last breath 😉

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