Hesitation and Perception

I am entering or participating into 101 challenge.

Its new for me and awkward and challenging to write without giving a thought continuously. Its challenging because I am not good in holding long conversations. I have to keep on revamping and plunging deep into my mind to continue the talk. I felt sometime that its bliss for those who can talk on anything all time.

Its an art. I really appreciate those who expert it. You know it sometimes difficult for person like to get comfortable with one I dont know. In simple words, I am talking about those who are introvert plus needs a cushion before you starts.

Its like while you drive a car, a driver knows when to press clutch and change gear. And can do it a lot safer and smoothly if he knows the direction before hand. While for people like me if you ask them to drive without any per instruction on where to go. And getting sudden turns and twist. An, apparent no. To be honest, it gets chaotic for me and I make it chaotic for others too. Like a driver without address gets troubled, so am I. It leads to jerks, twists and turns

You know I wonder quite often,  how people pick the road of their lives without giving much thought. They just knew they liked the road and the scenery. And they go on and on. However they are never troubled with the thought of what might come in the way. They never refer the google map often to check whether they are on road.

To my amaze they enjoy their journey more than me. Find it amazing, interesting and relieving. While I who want or look for pre plans, try to cross check and double check dont feel the same. Before the journey begins I am hurled. I am twisted, Act back foot. And dont want to be part of the journey. I do not get amused and elated as they are.

Whats the point of then thinking high, getting low, turning no where  and not in peace. Why being human, I want to be pre planned. Why I cant leave the stuffs the way they want to move. Why I cant simply rest on my arm chair, sipping a coffee and waiting for the trouble to come. Being busy in my work , when trouble knocks the door. Without any hesitation , ask it to come and feel comfortable. Give him a can of beer. Ask him to bottoms up it and rest in my room.

The TROUBLE after sipping  three to four cans, will get intoxicated. Slip into bad, It will sleep tight. And will wake up late next morning with a hangover. A headache all around. Then will offer him a coffee to get rid of it. He will sip, take shower, bow his head and will go back from the door where it came.

Amazing. Sometimes its good not to plan. Just go, push your self, play good with all. Love to hang with all. When we leave to differentiate between what I know and dont know. What I love to do and what I abhor to look at. Things simply change. The people, I will remain the same. Perhaps the situation could be the same. The only thing which keeps on changing with the tick of clock is my perception.

If I can control what I perceive, I can control the hesitations, the discomforts, the ambiguities, the restlessness which I see, and feel at the very first place. The one which get deluded and fade as the time crawls one by one and again.

101 Writing Challenge



2 thoughts on “Hesitation and Perception”

  1. And I too am doing the 101. 🙂 Those who seem to enjoy their roads taken have most likely taken the well traveled mapped out roads. It’s those who travel the less marked paths, the trail blazers who have a more difficult time and widen the path for those who follow.
    Much Love and Respect

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